Needing a Kick in the Seat of the Pants

I've fallen into a few routines since we've moved that are making me feel less productive and energized than I used to feel. For some reason, I've started doing the things I used to do in the morning in the evening, and vice versa. And I don't think it's working out. Today, I'm changing things up a bit, switching the order in which I tend to my daily activities to see if it'll affect my energy level at all. Today I'm also starting a little sulu-design shop task - listing a new pair of earrings or necklace in the shop every day for the next several weeks. The shop is feeling a little bare, I've not been good about restocking it recently, and Mother's Day is practically around the corner (and mothers love earrings, right, Ma?). So here goes.

The earrings are listed here with lots more to follow. And to you, friends, a question: what do you do to re-energize?


Mom said...

Yes, Moms love earrings and necklaces, especially Sulu-design originals!!!!! Love, Mom

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Yesterday was the worst! Got up, no energy, really fighting to stay in my PJ's. Went to work (it was Monday) + when I got there I had an intense feeling that it was not where I needed to be. Further confirming this, 3 co-workers said "you don't look like yourself today." I had not taken a sick day in a year, so I took a mental health day + gave myself permission to do NOTHING. I watched "Dexter" and bad John Cusack "have to" (as opposed to "want to) rom-coms with dog by my side. Took some cat naps + I feel great today. Not a cure-all, but your post is topical in my life.

Mariss said...

1. Your mom rocks. So cute.
2. Shona is awesome.
3. I'm just here for the tips :) Where are they, people?!

I guess I would say (since I kind of need some today, ugh...) making yourself exercise, even if it's a little walk around the block or stretching, treating yourself to a magazine or a nice hot fancy beverage. Taking a different route?

I guess I should follow my own advice and hit the gym...sigh ;)

Jessica Nichols said...

I had to think very, very hard about this because I feel low on energy almost always. It's a sad state of affairs. I do feel a little bit energized after I swim laps with my husband. I am not in shape so overall, exercising still makes me feel more tired than when I started. But the proud-of-myself factor does give me a small boost in energy.

The other main thing that makes me feel energetic is when my house is shipshape. Which is a losing battle most of the time with a kid, husband and dog who could care less what our house looks like. Sigh.

Also, this sounds hokey, but I feel energized when I have my camera out in a new location. That is really the purest energy boost I get. Do new beads make you feel energized?

Cheryl Arkison said...

Well, it used to be exercise, but that's still off the table. Same with dancing around my house.

Now it comes to exercising my creativity - through fabric, food, or words. Still doesn't feel too much like work.

On a more practical note, the other thing that has helped lately is getting up early. I am sure to awake before the rest of the house at least 6 of the 7 mornings a week. I'm showered, dressed, caught up on email and often with breakfast and tea in me before anyone else wakes up. It seems counterintuitive to do, but it goes a long way towards having me face a nonstop day to wake early and relax.

Ride your bike for me!

Bitterbetty said...

good luck switching it up...
I need to update my shop too...
But will I?

hmmm.. I'll think about it!

lealou said...

I'm in the same boat to be honest - I need a good kick too. I have a market coming up and I'm no where near being close to having enough! I'm not sure what I do to re-energize but somehow it happens :P Cute earrings btw!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Pretty earrings!

Once I get into a routine, I don't have too many problems sticking to it (which is good when it's something like morning exercise or daily posting a certain number of items to my Etsy shop, but bad when it's daily sleeping in). Andy usually takes our shipping to the post office in the afternoons, but he's in training for census work this week, so I'm doing it, and taking Lucy along for a walk afterwards. This has been fun, pleasant, and relaxing--not sure it's making me more productive, though.

I agree with what Shona posted: a day off (when/if possible) of doing nothing work-related is the best energizer around.