Date With Myself

Barry had plans with a friend after work, so I made plans to go to one of my favorite restaurants for a burger and beer. After an hour of bus travel (the car's in the shop again), I found that every seat at the restaurant's little bar was full and there was no hope of being seating for the next hour. So I decided to make the long walk home, over the Burnside Bridge.

A pot of homemade spaghetti and meatballs, an extra special bitter brew from Deschutes, and a lame movie from the dollar rental machine at the grocery store (sorry, Mom, I know how much you love Ricky Gervais, but it was lame) made for a cozy night to myself.


Tomorrow it's the Torso

Tonight, the head and ears. Thanks for the care package, Mom.


You Don't Get Much More Portland...

than jewelry made with recycled bicycle parts. Green living and bike culture run deep here. So I'm giving credit to Portland for my latest sulu-design shop update - earrings and necklaces made from links in old bike chains:

Maybe you're a gal who loves to ride. Maybe you want to give a good luck gift to someone who's competing in a bi- or triathalon. Maybe you like jewelry made with recycled parts, or jewelry with a simple industrial look. Whatever... if you're into 'em, click images above for their shop listings. Thanks for checking in. I hope your week is going well, friends.


Sometimes my favorite designs...

are the biggest flops in my sulu-design shop. I debated whether or not I should list these earrings there since they're current favorites of mine and therefore will probably go over like a lead balloon - it's a funny pattern, really. But I couldn't resist. I hope someone else out there digs these designs as much as I do.


Sunny Sunday

I needed some at-home time this weekend. Sunday was the perfect day to stay in, hang out, and work on jewelry. I couldn't get enough of the sunshine that was filling our place. The early evening light begged for a stroll, so I did leave home for a bit.

A little sulu-design shop update is in the works.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

I don't have a drop of Irish blood in my body, but I was once told I have the map of Ireland written across my face by a somewhat scary old man who was selling coins at a flea market. I've also got one of those "O - apostrophe" last names thanks to Barry, so I'm running with the green thing today.

Speaking of "O - apostrophe" names, Barry's parents were in town last week and we had a wonderful visit with them. They always make sure we eat and drink well. And they brightened up our place with pretty flowers.

And speaking of brightening up a place, how about that hour change this weekend? I'm loving the longer evenings. Getting out of work while the sun is still out rocks.


How about a tour?

It's only one room - just what we need. I'm sure there will be more photos of our newish place to follow. Have a wonderful week, friends!


Original Intent: Day One Hundred Sixty-Four

empty seat at the pendleton roundup parade, pendleton, oregon

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent: Day One Hundred Sixty-Three

parking lot and shrubs, nw portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent: Day One Hundred Sixty-Two

meter and pole in the pearl, portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent: Day One Hundred Sixty-One

stairwell at look modern, se portland

inspired earrings found here


Pinky on the Brain

Since I replenished my bead stash when I was in New York and since the weather here has been so unbelievably gorgeous (I don't mean to rub it in, my snow-covered friends, truly) I figured it was high time I set out with my camera and get to work on some Original Intent pairings. It's been a while... On my walk this morning, I was struck with how amazing the blossoms in Portland are right now. Pink is all over the place. Seems like the perfect time to add a few pairs of earrings with a new pink bead to the sulu-design shop:

As usual, you can click on photos above to take you to each pair's listing.