Still haven't started my handmade holiday gifts*...

but the sulu-design shop updates continue to roll.

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This Sunday, Barry and I head to Richmond, Virginia, to spend Thanksgiving with his folks. All sulu-design shop orders placed on or before Saturday the 21st will ship on the 21st. Orders placed from the Sunday the 22nd through the Saturday the 28th will ship on the 28th. And then comes December!

*To be fair to my siblings, I should mention that we didn't agree to do handmade holidays again this year. My sister - my truly amazing sister - became the art teacher at her children's school this year. She's been under some serious time pressure which might make the handmade holiday thing too much for her. And I don't know where my brother stands on the issue this year. I'd still really like to do it myself but am coming up sadly short of good gift ideas that I can make by hand. Any great ideas or links for my brother and sister, their spouses, my parents, a niece and two nephews? Note to family: keep your eyes out of these comments, ya hear?


Mariss said...

Love the earrings! A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll ;)

Have a great Thanksgiving trip with the wonderful in laws! We're going to Mike's in Indiana, and I'm so excited for a road trip.

Hmm, no ideas at the moment on handmade gifts. Although making a big teepee out of canvas would be cool for younger kids, I want to make one for my godson someday... Or take it easy this year and do it next year!

Mom said...

Sorry Suzy,

You know me, not going to happen!

Love, Mom

Amanda Jean said...

i have no ideas for handmade christmas gifts. we've done less and less exchanging of gifts over the years with my family. which equates to less stress. yay!