Race Day

Barry's cyclocross season is in full swing. These races are so Portland to me.

Cyclocross checklist:
Rain, mud
Wool socks
Water-proof outerwear
Good coffee courtesy of Chris King
Oatmeal from the nice folks at Bob's Red Mill
Great local beer
Belgian waffles, frites
Beautiful bicycle gear
Sweet bikes (hand-built, for the lucky ones)

Speaking of hand-built bikes, did you see the October/November issue of Readymade with the feature on Portland's bike builders? It was a great issue all around... made me want an A-frame house in the middle of the woods.

We're taking a break from cyclocross this weekend as this week's race is out of town. We're thinking about hitting a flea market (one of the things I miss most about NYC). What'll you be up to?


Amanda Jean said...

love your b & w photos! have fun this weekend. i think we are going to go psydo-camping this weekend. (in a little cabin. with heat.) it should be fun.

traci said...

love this post and these photos! makes me journey back to the rainy race we attended with you way back when, i think it was only a few months after you moved out. such great memoru=ies of a trip that feels too far behind us, hopefully they'll be another one up ahead...

Cheryl Arkison said...

Ah, it reminds me of the few mountain bike races I've done. Hubby used to race at one point too. But we're older ad far more lazy now!

This weekend we are in quarantine as the kids and mama are sick (croup and possibly the flu). Have a great weekend!

Scintilla said...

man, i love your photography! so amazing! you always do such interesting, cool things. i need a list of all the things you recommend. you are my awesome resource for such things! thanks!

Jessica Nichols said...

I can't wait to sell my husband on Portland, I mean, show my husband this post. ;)

This weekend is all about the kiddo. I will be dreaming of Portland now and doing science experiments with as much candy as I can get out of my kid's hands.

Connie said...

oh good luck Barry. i loved those bikes in ReadyMade. Makes me want to ditch my bike for a handbuilt new one.

blair said...

hey! A fellow cyclocross widow! The season is in full swing here too, Peter has 2 races this weekend.