One of These Things is Not Like the Others*

The circle pieces I posted last were warmly received... thank you for your nice comments and support of my designs. So the second sulu-design shop update this week includes a little restocking of a sold-out circle earring style as well as a few brand new circle designs. And thrown in there at the bottom is my new favorite, totally unrelated to the whole circle thing - a long gray bead that I'm wearing almost everyday (what was that I said about rarely making earrings for myself?). Click images below for links to shop listings:

*Remember that funky, similarly titled bit from Sesame Street (performed to the same tune as "Which of These Kids is Doin' his Own Thing")? And speaking of funky, please pardon the inconsistent lighting in the above photos. Shooting those silver-tone pieces is tough.

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Amanda Jean said...

i'm loving those silver circles. :)