In Local News

-Portland's weather has been ridiculous in its autumn perfection. Ree-dic-u-lous.

-Cool Moon was giving out complimentary scoops of their pumpkin ice cream yesterday. How nice that Barry and I had to walk past the place on our way to the post office. Seeing the Spicy Thai Chili ice cream in the shop will get us back in there, and soon. Check out their other amazing flavors.

-Idom, owned by the sweet and talented designer Modi, is the newest shop in Portland to carry sulu-design pieces. And for non-locals, the week's first sulu-design shop update:

Click images above for links to each item's shop listing. Or check out the entire shop here.

What's going on in your neck of the woods?


Chickenbells said...

ohhh...those ice cream flavors sound delicious!!

Erm said...

Girl, you is making me hungry and I just ate my breakfast.

Amanda Jean said...

you must be enjoying our autumn along with your own. ours is nowhere to be seen. boo-hoo. i miss it. oh, what beautiful new pieces!!!

s.i. michaels said...

Your designs are gorgeous, as always. & of course I'm loving the purple--especially against brass. Too pretty.

It's rained so much it's nearly flooding here--all the gutters are backed up with leaves. Now I know fall is really here.