A Hint of Green

Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes, friends. I have to say, this was a bit of an odd birthday for me. Usually I'm all about making the celebrations last for the entire month of October, but this year, with all that I've had on my mind recently, I really almost forgot about my birthday until it fell in my lap. Almost. We are extending the celebrations a bit with a dinner out tonight at a new restaurant we've been anxious to try. I'm thinking that maybe I've matured a bit and don't need to be a big baby about my birthday anymore. Or maybe not.

I've got one last grouping of earrings to post that are all offered at $12 per pair, shipping included. You won't find them in my etsy shop. E-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com if you're interested in any of these designs from previous seasons and I'll e-mail you and invoice for them. A few of the mother of pearl, black, colorful, and shiny styles are still available at the sale price, too.

Thanks again, and have a wonderful week.


Julie Owsik Ackerman said...

Happy birthday Suz! Hope dinner was/is great! Love, Jewel

LeeAnn said...

The restaurant looks so yummy. Their drink menu looks delicious too. I love some of the names they come up with. "the comb over" looks mighty tasty!

Angie said...

Happy belated birthday lady! I hope you had a lovely one. xo-*a

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

What The?!?!?!?! How did I overlook your b-day?!?!?!?!?!


Thought of you last night while watching the Cavs' opening game. I know you are not a basketball fan, but I just love watching Shaq because he has too much fun playing basketball. And in case you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, Shaq now plays for the Cavs, with LeBron.

Hope you are doing well!