Utah's National Parks: Zion

The big daddy of Utah's parks, Zion was really the show-stopper. There are so many visitors to this park that cars aren't allowed through most of it - people are shuttled on park buses from place to place. That was a little unappealing to me, so having our bikes to get around on was the perfect solution.

Our first night there rode on a quiet road past a family of deer with a little big-eared doe (you would have melted, Mom) to a trailhead that led us to gorgeous hidden ponds.

The following morning, we hiked Angels Landing, a trail recommended to us by several friends. It was a mildly terrifying hike, but the views were stunning. Check out those how little those shuttle buses looked from the peak:


Nadia said...

Wow! I am loving all these vacation shots!

wende said...

Oh wow... that last photo is making me weak in the knees and breathless. It's gorgeous and terrifying!

Chickenbells said...

Did you happen to see a picture of the aerial view of the Angel's Landing trail? I nabbed a postcard of it at the gift shop because it looks so impressive! It is an amazing hike though isn't it? I'm still so happy that you guys made it there and enjoyed it...I am wanting to go back and hike longer into The Narrows...I hope soon.

amandajean said...

your trip looks like it was amazing!! thanks for sharing the photos for those of us stuck at home. :)