The Big Bad Cousins

Rarely do I make jewelry for myself, but I'm really hung up on circles right now, so I made myself a dainty silver-tone necklace like the ones I posted yesterday and I made a bigger, bolder antiqued brass-tone necklace for myself, too. It looks like one of these guys:

Both are in the sulu-design shop now. Click on images above for their listings.

And it's official: as of this morning, I've let go of summer. I squeezed all I could out of it - in fact, I had one of the best summers yet. I didn't want to see it go, but I woke up today to amazingly crisp fall weather and I'm so excited for this season. Tights and boots to work today, and roasted root vegetables for dinner tonight. I'm on it.


Mom said...

Dear Suzy,

Am loving your new circle jewelry!! You know me I always want something to go with everything I wear and these seem to fit the bill.

Took your advice and drank a cup of tea, still coughing but will give it one more chance. I always equate tea with being sick when we were little and having to drink it to settle our stomachs.

Fall has arrived here too but I can't bear to turn the heat on yet so am wearing a jacket in the house. Outside temp is 48 and pouring rain and we have't put the storm windows in yet.

Have a good week and hope your sale goes well Thursday. Am sure those necklaces will fly out the door. Love, Mom

betsy and iya said...

Suzy!! I am TOTALLY hearing you on this post. Yesterday was my big realization day. Actually, I roasted parsnips yesterday and made celery root, apple soup...from the book you gave me!!

It was an AMAZING meal; thank you so much!

Also, love your circle jewelry. beautiful.

boots and tights: I can't even let go of these in the summer...now they just get bigger and better.

Erin said...

I know! We're supposed to get thunderstorms later today in Seattle. Unlikely, but fun to anticipate! I love me a good fall storm.

Bitterbetty said...

circles are really good. Yours are really really good.

Scintilla said...

i love that your mom wrote a comment. lovely, this new jewelry. good to see you at the dress shop a few days ago. still thinking about the dress...sigh.

Nadia said...

Circles *are* best! Glad to have a Circle Friend. :)

kristine said...

happy fall!

kat said...

such a nice new direction in your jewelry!

Here in Boston it is officially fall too. (well, I guess it is everywhere :) But the weather has finally turned. We went apple picking last weekend and I made butternut squash soup last night for dinner. Yum.

asphaltandair said...

yes! love this post!
i'm on it too!
come on fall, i'm ready.
tights and boots and root veggies are just my thing too!

your mom is the SWEETEST! i love her comments to you. they melt my heart.

Jessica Nichols said...

Sounds terrific! See ya summer!

amandajean said...

hurray for fall. i'm so excited for quilt and soup weather. nothing better!!!