Thank You

Your thoughtful, positive comments on Monday's post really meant a lot to me. Thank you for sharing your insights on the subject of body image, which is a sensitive one for me. Amy e-mailed a link to an article on the topic that you might enjoy - sounds like the sales gal in the beginning of the story has an experience similar to mine.

And thanks for the anniversary wishes. To celebrate, Barry and I tried out a new-to-us wine bar and then feasted at one of our favorite spots in town, Toro Bravo. A life lesson worth learning: never say no to olive oil cake, people.

For some reason, as I've mentioned before, Blogger only e-mails me a few of the comments posted here - the rest I read by looking directly at the blog. If you left a comment this week and Blogger e-mailed it to me, I responded by e-mail to your note. If you didn't hear from me after commenting on that post, it's because I was unable to respond directly to your comment through e-mail. Blogger, being free and all, isn't big on customer service, so I don't know if this issue is ever going to get fixed. Please know that I love reading your comments, and that the notes you leave me hear are truly appreciated. Thanks again, friends.

P.S. In case you're interested, on our anniversary, I wore a knee-length dress with bare legs. Earth-moving, huh?


Cheryl Arkison said...

Small victories. Better than none.

amy @ switz~art said...

I bet you were lookin' smokin' in that fine dress! Good for you!

Thanks for the plug! I am always so thrilled to meet new, awesome people through this amazing blogging community!

Cheers, Susan!

sandra said...

if you'd like to get away from the comments problem you're having with blogger, you could always switch to wordpress. when i switched over i was able to import all of my posts from blogger easily.

betsy and iya said...

Beautiful!! I bet you and your sweet legs turned heads (especially Barry's).

Happy Anniversary!

love to you.

melissa said...

that sounds like it was a lovely anniversary. i appreciated your post about body image- believe me, you're not alone! x

Julie Owsik Ackerman said...

Suz! I always loved your rosy cheeks--saw them as a sweet asset, not something to get over. Funny how we all see things differently. My schnaz was the bane of my existence forever and ever. And then I got over it and pierced it, figuring if I can't beat it (and refuse to surgically alter it) I should at least decorate it. We've come to an understanding over the years--it makes me unique, identifies me as Polish, as belonging to my family, etc. Maybe it will never be love, but acceptance is good :)

Love you!