Dinner with Blog Friend Leads to Shop Update

The beyond-talented Bethany and her truly awesome son, Jacob, are in Portland as a stop on their road trip from California, so I had the honor of meeting them here in person. Bethany, being the sweet gal that she is, was wearing a pair of sulu-design earrings when we met up. They were a nice compliment to the fabulous top she was wearing, which she no doubt made herself (have you seen what this gal does with a sewing machine?). Her earrings were made with beads that really excited me when I first came upon them in the bead shop, so at the time I bought several of them and made lots of different designs - you may recall pairs that were similar to those that you're seeing above. Now I'm down to the last couple of pairs made with said bead. Seeing them on Bethany gave me a needed kick in the seat of the pants to list them in my etsy shop. They're all in the sulu-design shop now. Click on images for direct links to listings. Happy travels, Bethany and Jacob.


Cheryl Arkison said...

Those rectangular beads remind me of chiclets. Very stylish chiclets.

Chy said...

I really love the light blue and teal beads! it makes me want to go out and find some for my self

Robyn said...


ambika said...

Lucky you to meet Bethany!

Bitterbetty said...

I love that I was a catalyst for you to be inspired by your own great work...

That is AWESOME.

We had so much fun meeting you and I am just trying to get all the goodness together to post properly!

Thanks again!

amandajean said...

how fun to have a blog meet up. :)