Customer Service

A couple weeks ago Barry came home with a nice hand-written note from one of his customers at work. It had been written to his boss who passed it along to Barry. The customer had written the note to let his boss know what wonderful service Barry had provided her. I love the note - it's written in a sweet, loopy, old-fashioned handwriting, and of course it makes me really proud of Barry. It's hanging on our refrigerator now. It got me thinking about all of the times I've received great service and not done much about it. Just this weekend, a salesman at a local kitchen store was amazingly helpful to me and Barry. I thanked him profusely before leaving the shop, but seeing Barry's note on the refrigerator this morning made me do something else - I e-mailed the salesman's boss a note about this wonderful employee. I am all too aware of and vocal about any poor customer service I receive. I think it's time that I do something more about the great customer service that I receive, too. I'm making it a point to contact employers more frequently when their staff members do great work. Do you have any great customer service stories to share?


M said...

Totally agree Suzy!

You know that I called the home office of BOB EVANS twice and spoke to their HR/Customer Service Rep to tell them of the exceptional service of their day manager, Wajeana Davis in Joplin, Missouri.

For a quick recap for your blogging friends - Dad had taken his wedding ring off and put it on one of the bags on his motorcycle when putting hand lotion. He got on his bike, totally forgetting that he had not put his ring back on and pulled out. When he got almost to the street he realized that the ring was not on and pulled back into the parking lot in front of the Bob Evans Restaurant where they had eaten lunch. The 3 other guys he was riding with also came back and they looked for the ring with no luck. Wajeana, the manager also came out to help and then took down all the information from Dad.

I started praying to St. Anthony (finder of lost items) and a couple of days later got a call from Wajeana that someone had found an "item of value." Turned out when I call the person, it was not Dad's ring but a necklace that had been run over. Called Wajeana with this information and she said she would go next door to a motel there and also let them know. The day manager there said nothing had been turned in but she would leave a note for the night manager. And if you can believe it, the night manager said a guest there had said she had found something that had the last initial L in it. The 3 guests staying with there with a last name that started with an L had not lost ring. This woman went back to Oklahoma! When I finally reached her, it turned out she had found Dad's ring when walking back from dinner! Ultimately, I sent her a check and a mailing envelope and Dad has his almost 44 year old wedding ring back! A big thanks to an employee - Wajeana who went more than the extra mile and of course to St. Anthony!

Mom said...

Hit the wrong key, PUBLISH instead of PREVIEW so must apologize for so many errors!!!!

amy @ switz~art said...

i love this post!

too often we complain about customer service and unfortunately it really is lacking in many places these days. but, like you and the woman who praised your husband, i will definitely tell someone when they have not even just gone out of their way, but did their job. i love nice people!

happy tuesday!

danger garden said...

Having once lived the life of a retail store manager I can verify that people call to complain all the time but never call to praise. So sad.

Your mom's story is wonderful! Just the kind of thing to restore my faith in us humans.

Mariss said...

Your mom's sweet story is making me grin from ear to ear :) My mom has told me to ask St. Antony to help me find lost items as well.

My dad got me into this habit. I love giving people shout-outs, especially to their bosses. Or I'll thank someone and CC their boss so that they see it. One girl got a $50 gift certificate because I wrote an email to her boss. It was great because she was in a very underappreciated job, and treated herself to a new pair of Timbalands. Ha!

Oh, congrats to Barry! That is so sweet. And you are already gracious enough as it is. Just a busy lady.

Scintilla said...

One time I went in to a local dress shop to sell jewelry and a beautiful woman was working. I told her how I was new to town and felt a bit nervous selling my jewelry.She sweetly talked with me, said she too made jewelry and showed me the lovely creations that she made. Now, when I go to the dress shop we always smile and have sweet little chats....I love that. :) It was so nice to feel so welcomed to a new place. xoxox thank you susan.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I should totally make a point of this as well.

One of my favorite stories is from when my husband and I were in Italy on our honeymoon. We had traveled to this tiny little town where I think we only encountered one person who spoke english, the manager of the place we stayed. Everyone else spoke no english. We were on the hunt for a bottle of wine and ended up at a little wine museum that also makes wine. The guy there was about to close up, but he invited us in and stayed with us way past closing time to explain a bunch of the museum to us, and walk us through a little tasting. All in Italian. He was so gracious and patient to try to communicate with us, and to this day it is probably my favorite memory of the whole trip.

lealou said...

So great! Honestly there's a serious lack of good customer service anymore that I get emotional when I do receive it. I want to shout to the hilltops about this great service I just received! Ok a little dramatic, but really customer service sucks for the most part so I'm sure that the good people out there appreciate the props.

Jess said...

This is such an inspiring post Susan. I am drawing a blank at the moment, my brain is overloaded these days, but I have felt the joy of reporting great customer service before. I am going to do it again for the nice gal at the rock yard who helped me this morning now! :)

betsy and iya said...

I love love love this post. seriously. In fact, I think my story is definitely worth sharing:

I don't know if you remember, but you were one of the amazing women who helped me out in Tumbleweed that day...the first day I was exposed to Tumbleweed, the day I put like 15 things on hold b/c I loved everything I tried on. I'm not sure if I ever told you this, but when I went into Tumbleweed that day, it was one of the first times that I had tried on clothes since losing a fair amount of weight. I didn't know that I could actually feel good about myself in a dressing room---had forgotten what that felt like. That day, I couldn't believe that the sizes I was picking out fit; moreover, I couldn't believe I looked and felt good in them...even more, I couldn't believe that I BELIEVED that I looked good in them.

When I left the store, reality hit that I had gotten carried away because I felt so good about myself, but could not actually return to buy anything (b/c I was very broke). So...I felt so bad about not buying anything after all the amazing help that I received that I wrote Kara the email. I wanted her to know just how amazing my experience had been in her store with her unbelievably awesome employees---you.

Then she sent me the discount (was NOT expecting that at all) and eventually I was able to come in and purchase the dress that I had fallen so deeply in love with.

More importantly though, I met a gal who I can now proudly call my friend.

Thanks for the memory, Suzy.

ambika said...

My effusiveness about customer service knows no bounds--even years after having left the Czech Republic where the effects of communism, and a culture that has never been focused on service, means the idea of the customer coming first is laughable.

You're right, though. Emails and notes are much better than words. I'll have to remember the next time someone goes out of there way.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

You rock and so does Barry's customer!