The Road

I don't frequently post here about the books I read, but seeing as the one I finished last night had me bawling my eyes out (which hasn't happened since I read William Maxwell's So Long, See You Tomorrow), I wanted to mention it... you know, in case you need a good cry. Barry turned me on to the books of Cormac McCarthy a few years ago. I loved all three in his Border Trilogy, especially All the Pretty Horses. And I totally enjoyed No Country for Old Men. But I was a little turned off by the descriptions I'd heard of McCarthy's most recent book, The Road, so I put off reading it for a while, even though Barry kept pushing it. What was I waiting for? I loved this book. Definitely not light summer reading, but truly amazing.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, The Road... one of my absolute favorite books which I also have Barry to thank for the recommendation. Check out McCarthy's "fan club" website... contains some amazing discussions on symbolism throughout the book. Even talks about numeric references with possible connections to biblical passages. Everyone laughed when I brought a bible to our bookclub discussion, but at the end we were amazed with some of the references. If you are looking for another dark, disturbing but truly wonderful book dealing with the human psyche try Blindness by Jose Saramango (read the book... don't see the movie). There's nothing like a good cry brought on by a deeply moving book!
Love and miss you, Maryanne

Jennie said...

I felt the same way about The Road. I avoided it for a long time, but then it was chosen for my bookclub and I read it. I loved it, and it had special meaning to me when the only character with a name in the book has the same name and same very uncommon spelling as my son.

danger garden said...

The whole time I was reading this book I was anxious. My stomach was tight and I was so alert, definitely not before bedtime reading for me. But I loved it.