Color Crazed

Tomorrow, I'll finally be able to start putting up those Original Intent posts I'd mentioned last week (sheesh, they take a lot of time to prepare). Until then, I've got these punchy greens, bright blues, rich yellows... a recent sulu-design shop update that I neglected to mention earlier:

All of these are available in the sulu-design shop, as are two other popular pairs that I recently relisted. Click on images for direct links to listings.

If you'll be in Portland this weekend and you like digging for good bargains, you should check out the Laurelhurst neighborhood garage sale this Saturday, June 20th. I'll be out there at my friend Holly's house with a bunch of good stuff including some Saltwater sandals, lots of vintage Pyrex bowls, dishes, cups, fans, and handkerchiefs, and bags of beads. E-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com if you'd like the exact address of where I'll be. Happy hunting!


heather said...

Oh man I wish I lived out there!!! I would be digging for sure! I think I'm going to have to go do some shopping at your store. You have some very fun stuff I just might need.:) Okay want.:)

traci said...

damn. i wish i was there to do some digging!