Little Acorns

Yesterday was the last day of school for New York City public school students. It was the final day at C.S. 50 for the last class of kids that I taught there - they've graduated and will move on to new schools in the fall. I'm thinking of them, wishing for the best for each of those little ones I used to read to on the classroom carpet (some are not so little any more... my oldest class of kids is college-age now). Three of my friends who taught there retired this year, too - congratulations, Marilyn, Penny, and John. The school will be a different place when I get back there for a visit one day.

I think of my old students all the time. I keep in touch with several of them who are sweet enough to write me every now and then. It was an insanely tough job - insanely - but today I'm really missing teaching in the South Bronx.


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Fifty-One

chinese lanterns, park slope, brooklyn (archived)

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Fifty

gray wall with blue paint, off of mississippi street, portland
(I've been here before)

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Forty-Nine

smiley graffiti, nob hill, portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Forty- Eight

fives under the 405 overpass, the pearl, portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Forty-Seven

line of grocery carts, the pearl, portland

inspired earrings found here


Happy Father's Day

Lucky me. Not only do the moms in my life rock; the dads are way cool, too.
Happy Father's Day to my dear dad, who recently returned safely from his cross-country motorcycle trip. And to my awesome father-in-law, who I'm excited to see next week when Barry's parents come for a visit. Hope you're enjoying the day with the pops in your life.


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Forty-Six

traffic cones, st. john's, portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Forty-Five

abandoned office, st.john's, portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Forty-Four

wishing well restaurant, st. john's, portland

inspired earrings found here


Color Crazed

Tomorrow, I'll finally be able to start putting up those Original Intent posts I'd mentioned last week (sheesh, they take a lot of time to prepare). Until then, I've got these punchy greens, bright blues, rich yellows... a recent sulu-design shop update that I neglected to mention earlier:

All of these are available in the sulu-design shop, as are two other popular pairs that I recently relisted. Click on images for direct links to listings.

If you'll be in Portland this weekend and you like digging for good bargains, you should check out the Laurelhurst neighborhood garage sale this Saturday, June 20th. I'll be out there at my friend Holly's house with a bunch of good stuff including some Saltwater sandals, lots of vintage Pyrex bowls, dishes, cups, fans, and handkerchiefs, and bags of beads. E-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com if you'd like the exact address of where I'll be. Happy hunting!


Exhibit F

white school bus, astoria, queens

petal dusted truck, nob hill, portland

Oh... one last New York City/Portland connection to wrap up this little series: my adorable friend Betsy who lives in Portland's St. John's neighborhood is heading to New York City for a showing and sale of her jewelry. She's giving away a pair of tickets to the event on her blog. If you're in NYC, check it out.


Exhibit E

purple minivan, astoria, queens

striped van interior, the pearl, portland


Exhibit D

pulaski bridge, connecting queens and brooklyn

scary ride at rose festival, downtown portland


Exhibit C

houses and yard, red hook, brooklyn

warehouses for sale, industrial nw portland

Turns out it's not just Portland's St. John's neighborhood that reminds me of New York. The connections are loose, but there...


Exhibit B

closed up record shop, brooklyn

apartment entrance, st. john's, portland

The St. John's neighborhood in North Portland is the closest thing to New York's outer boroughs that Portland's got. A few ethnic markets, a barber shop that time hasn't touched, a desirable amount of decay... I had a field day there with my camera this weekend. Hopefully some Original Intent pairings will result.


Exhibit A

white building, old town portland

white building, astoria, queens

New York has been on my mind recently. Not exactly in an "I'm dying to move back" sort of way. I've been thinking a lot about my brother and sister-in-law, who live down the street from our old apartment in Queens. I've been thinking about the visit that my sister, her husband, and their kids will probably make to NYC this summer, and how I'll miss seeing them there. I've been thinking of the brutal summer heat, which I loved (and, to be honest, hated, too). I've been thinking of the bead shops I'm dying to visit. And I've been thinking of the grit and grime which always made for good photo fodder. I definitely was more shutter-happy in NYC. Looking through files of photos this morning, I was struck by how many shots I'd saved from New York and I'd never posted here... and how similar so many of them are to shots I've been taking in Portland. Today, Exhibit A. Tomorrow, Exhibit B, from a Portland neighborhood that is as close to Queens, New York, as I've been since we moved here.


Rose Festival

Too thrifty to spring for the entrance to the mini-amusement park that had been set up along the river, Barry and I caught glimpses of Rose Festival events from outside the gate this weekend. It was the perfect night for a scenic stroll.


At Least Gray is a Little Lighter Than Black...

The previous sulu-design shop update was all about darkness. This one is all about lightening things up a bit:

Click on images above for direct links to shop listings, or check out the entire shop collection here. Hope your weekend is a light-hearted one. I'm going to make sure mine is.


I See a Red Door and I Want It Painted Black

Between finishing up a beautifully devastating book the other night and dealing with a nasty little bout of self-loathing that snuck up on me over the past couple days (don't worry, Mom, you know I'm prone to hyperbole), I've been feeling a bit... dark. I know, it came out of nowhere - one day I'm up on a mountain, giddily cavorting through lovely wild flowers, and the next day I'm down in the dumps. Oh, well. It's the perfect excuse to post photos of a bunch of black earrings that I just added to the sulu-design shop, right? Click on images below for links to shop listings:

I think I see a light at the end of this dark tunnel (sheesh, I'm being melodramatic - trying too hard to work the black theme, I guess). The Pearl District's First Thurday events will be on tonight, and I'm heading over to Bonnet to showcase my jewelry there. Patricia is such a sweet store owner, and there's always a fun buzz in the neighborhood on these summer nights. Stop on by and say hello between 6:30 and 8 if you can - I promise I'll have chippered up by then.


The Road

I don't frequently post here about the books I read, but seeing as the one I finished last night had me bawling my eyes out (which hasn't happened since I read William Maxwell's So Long, See You Tomorrow), I wanted to mention it... you know, in case you need a good cry. Barry turned me on to the books of Cormac McCarthy a few years ago. I loved all three in his Border Trilogy, especially All the Pretty Horses. And I totally enjoyed No Country for Old Men. But I was a little turned off by the descriptions I'd heard of McCarthy's most recent book, The Road, so I put off reading it for a while, even though Barry kept pushing it. What was I waiting for? I loved this book. Definitely not light summer reading, but truly amazing.