Thanks for being patient with all of the recent Italy photos, friends. At some point during the past two weeks while all of those comment-less entries were posting here, it hit me that I finally feel back to normal. It took me over a month following our two trips, but my sleep schedule is back on track, my energy level is where it ought to be, I've gotten caught up with my pesky to-do list, and I'm just about back to my pre-Italy weight (I gained five pounds in 14 days, people - but every last ounce was worth it).

I also met up with the lovely Patricia of Bonnet (thanks, Betsy, for the introduction). Bonnet is a sweet little hat shop in Portland's Pearl District, where you can now find sulu-designs. I've worked on special pieces for the shop that are a little different than what you can find in my etsy shop and in other boutiques that carry the sulu-design line (think clusters of weathered charms and long feminine necklaces). But have no fear - I've worked on lots of new pieces to add to the sulu-design etsy shop, too. The latest additions all look a bit icy to me, which can be kinda nice to wear on a hot summer day (reason number one for the lame post title above):

Click above images for direct links to shop listings, or check out the entire selection here.

The second reason for the lame title? I've been consciously working on chilling out recently (strange to actually work at relaxing, no?). I'm trying to throw in the towel on things I used to fixate on that really aren't all that important (maintaining a pristine apartment, committing myself to too many social obligations, being totally caught up with blog reading) and focusing more energy on the things that are truly valuable to me (talking with my family, spending time with Barry, taking care of myself, enjoying the outdoors). I've noticed in lots of your recent blog posts, too, that many of you are on the same page. So, have you changed any of your on-line habits? Are you spending less time on the computer? Do you miss it? Do you feel guilty about not commenting or posting as frequently as you once may have? Omitting the comment option on my last two weeks' worth of posts, I must admit, meant that I had fewer e-mails to respond to (which meant more time for all that other good stuff), but also I felt a little disconnected from everyone. I'd be curious to hear if any of you have found ways to happily manage your time on the computer. Happy weekend to you all.

P.S. I'd like to wish safe travels to my dad who's setting out tomorrow on a cross country trip on his motorcycle. Way to get back on the saddle, Dad. Talk about enjoying life...


heather said...

It's nice to take that time away from the comments sometimes. I'm happy you are feeling back in the grove of things again. Your stuff is so great! When I visit family in WA I'm going to try to make it to a shop in Portland to see your stuff. Not sure when that will be but that's my goal!:)

amandajean said...

i LOVE that first pair of earrings. they DO look icy. so simple and perfect! i've been away from the computer more than normal this week but feeling the guilt. (ugh!)i'm so glad that you are feeling better about things. that's great news. :) and congrats on having your goods in another store!

Dad said...

Thanks Suzy...I'm closing up the office and the sky
is clearing, so everything looks good for getting on the road early tomorrow. It's a lifelong dream
coming true, to see the country from the road.
I wish we could get as far as Portland to see you and Barry, but the Continental Divide is as far west
as time allows. Lots to see and do between here and there so I'll be sending pics when I get back
to Cleveland. GO CAVS!!!
Love to you and the Bear, Dad

kat said...

ok, just how cute is your dad?
Wishing him a fantastic journey.

I am so with you on the whole backing off the blogging/commenting/surfing bit. It takes so much of your day catching up with everyone. I do feel a lot more disconnected to the blogging world though. Funny thing is, I have more people visiting my site than I ever have had, but less comments. Go figure.

I'm stepping away from the computer a lot more. It's almost summer and my gardens are calling my name :)

Casey said...

A blogging/internet break is always a good thing, in my opinion! I've actually been feeling the need to pull back a bit from my own fanatical internet usage! Sometimes I just feel so caught up in that thing, that I don't take the time for me, which in the long run just means burning out. :p

Your new earring designs are gorgeous!

Artsy Momma said...

I think the summer is a time to disconnect and enjoy the weather (especially in Wisconsin!) But I feel the guilt plus it is an ego thing for me. If I see I lost a reader I get bummed which is crazy because I dont even know the person I lost from reading my blog. I have noticed too that my readership is staying steady but comments have dropped an insane amount which is a bummer but at the same time it just means less emailing I have to do to say thanks for the comment!

wende said...

I'm catching up here--and I'm loving all the Italy photos. The earrings are absolutely divine. I think I need them all.

As for cutting back--I ALWAYS feel guilty, I think you know that by now. But in reality, it's the life we lead off-line that gives us something to write about. And any attempt to "chill" is a good thing. So, no worries from this quarter.

And I'm determined to get to PDX soon!! Enjoy this fabulously summer like weather.

Mariss said...

Ditto to what Kat said. Your dad is awesome. Safe travels and what an awesome dude! Mike and I want to do a honeymoon cross country road trip next year, we'll see :)

Congrats on the new vendor and on finding some balance. I thought of you the other day when I walked past a grouping of 8 red and turqoise granny carts being sold on a sidewalk.

betsy and iya said...

I'm so glad to hear all that you had to say... So glad that you're happily in Bonnet... so glad that you're taking time for you.

I'm still in that overdrive mode, but I'm trying to tell myself to listen to my gut regarding the important things---commit to those, and everything else will follow.

You're such an inspiration, Susan. Remember that.

LeeAnn said...

What's funny is that I allotted myself to read 3 blogs today and your one of them. So ya, that's how I am balancing my internet time. And the fact that I have 3+ hours of work-work computer activities to get done on a Friday afternoon totally sucks. And I am not going to feel guilty about my lack of blogging. I do that for me/fun, and right now it just isn't a priority. (buying a house is!) I'm glad you turned the comments back on. I enjoyed your Italy photos.

Mom said...

Dear Suzy,

Now that I am home I cannot believe how much time I am spending on the computer and I don't like it! Tried to give my new e-mail to only a few select people but even that didn't totally work out. Can empathize with you all the way, especially now that the weather is nice and there is so much to do outside in the garden which I really enjoy.

Also going to the boys' soccer games, baseball games, Mari's pre-K graduation, piano recital,dance recital etc., and still attending council meetings - parish and city - and writing letters to the editor.

Still want to get to those boxes in the basement too!!!

Loving your pics of Italy, brings back wonderful memories.

Will be weird having Dad gone for 2 weeks. Am hoping and praying that this trip is everything that he has been so looking forward to - gave him addresses and bought him postcard postage stamps.

Your new earrings look icy, edgy, makes me wish I had a long neck!

Have a good weekend and am glad you have Sundays off now.

Will call you after the CAVS game! Love, Mom

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I told Ambika once that it's OK if you don't read the 200 D*S posts that have suddenly piled up in your bloglines, life will go on.

Right now there are 100 unread posts on my bloglines + I'm off to have some coffee with my boyfriend + later lunch + a trip to The G.O. with my friend Heather.

ambika said...

I don't know where I came up with the arbitrary number but I was never comfortable with my reader having no more than 30 unread items. Now it hovers around 200. It really shouldn't have been a stressor and I'm slightly exasperated that it was.

Cheryl Arkison said...

I love the colour and feel of this batch.
I'm trying to chill. All that energy is focused on not getting caught up by renos and mess. I find I'm on the computer more in an effort to escape. And I'm too tired to sew at the end of the day.

c.Rachel said...

Safe journey for your dad! Hope he has a wonderful trip.

I'm falling into that summer hiatus of mine. The laptop is now upstairs and that helps me not check on it so much. I should put the chocolates upstairs too.

The Lenarts said...

Your parents are the greatest.

I am taking a little break too. Telling myself to only post when I want to and sit behind the computer when I want to. So far this summer has been about chilling, hanging out with the guys, lots of reading. I love light summer books. And I am not missing the internet at all.

amisha said...

nodding again. yes, i definitely feel bad about not commenting/ reading blogs/ posting, though i realize that now it's becoming less guilt and more just missing folks. same goes for my own blog- mix of guilt and feeling disconnected. at the same time, i desperately want/ need to cut down on computer time. i always go back and forth with that-- some weeks are better than others, then i'll fall back into it again. it really was quite nice to be disconnected for a month, though i also missed it. it's a vexed relationship :)

Anonymous said...