Birthday Weekends Rock

In our usual fashion, Barry and I ate our way through his birthday weekend. For his birthday dinner, I made this lamb shank recipe, served over this root vegetable puree, followed by this carrot cake. I highly recommend each of them.

We spent Sunday wandering around town, enjoying breakfast here and a movie here. And Monday we went cross country skiing on Mount Hood. I found out I'm not a natural, and I have the bruises to prove it.
I'm already excited for this weekend and am thinking about stopping at a few places on this open house tour - those of you in Portland who are interested in modern homes might want to check it out, too. What's in store for you this weekend?


Wende said...

Happy Belated, to Barry! And if you can't eat your way through a birthday weekend, what's the point? Right??

Leslie said...

Try snowshoeing-easy & fun! Rentals are pretty reasonable at REI.
The house tour looks awesome! And speaking of awesome, the birthday dinner for your hubby rocks!
I love that you're an awesome designer, photographer AND foodie!

amandajean said...

"i found out i'm not a natural, and i have the bruises to prove it." i just HAD to laugh at that one. hope your bruises heal up soon.

this weekend? i hope we recover from the ever present sicknesses that have been in our house.

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

You are so gourmet :)
I would never attempt a lamb shank or anything like that. too intimidated. Lucky Barry. All sounds yummy.

Off to the museum of science tomorrow... despite running noses and coughs :)

Knitsonya said...

Sounds so delicious! My weekend - teaching, preschool workday stuff, toddler friend birthday party, meeting a friend, and studying for my naturalization interview Monday. And hopefully watching Milk before the Oascars. A fair bit busier than I usually like.

The Lenart's said...

Happy belated birthday to Barry!
This weekend we are starting with a birthday celebration for Andy. I am planning on decorating the house, making some fancy cake, go out for dinner, cook all day on Sunday, enjoy the time with Andy's parents,... It should be all good.

house on hill road said...

i hope those bruises are healing up! cross country skiing is not an easy thing, in my mind. or i guess i should say that it looks way easier than it is.