Nyquil is Transclucent Blue-Green

I've been battling the most annoying cold for over a week now, and yesterday, just when I thought I'd gotten over the hump, it got the best of me. Knocked me out, I tell ya. But yesterday I said I'd have more of an update today, so here it is. I'll pop in again once I'm feeling better or I've polished off my bottle of store-brand Nyquil... whichever comes first.



A while back, I posted a little something about how my personal taste isn't always completely in line with all of the sulu-design pieces I make. The earrings I included in today's shop update, though, are So. Totally. Me.

If your tastes are in line with mine and you fancy the above designs, they're all available in the sulu-design etsy shop now. More to follow tomorrow. Hope your week is off to a pleasant start...


Robyn Rocks

An unexpected package in the mail...

a beautiful handmade tote...

homemade chocolate-covered caramels with sea salt
(perhaps from this recipe?)...

Robyn knows how to make a girl's day.


Outtakes From Week of Color - The Colors That Weren't: Black and White... and Three Winners

Thanks to all of you for the sweet comments this week and for the on-going support of what I do in this space. The three winners of the sulu-design etsy shop contest, chosen at random from the comments this week, are: Abby at My Love Is..., Kristi at Asphalt and Air, and Lynn at Craftstew. The shop, by the way, is chock full of lots of new pieces as of this morning. Thanks to those of you who played along this week, and an extra thanks to those of you who left comments here for the first time. So nice to meet you. Have a wonderful weekend.


Outtakes From Week of Color - The Colors That Weren't: Red

Last time I'm saying it. Tonight at midnight, New York City time (which happens to be a nice, reasonable hour on my coast), I'm drawing the names of three winners who will be able to pick the sulu-design piece of their choosing from my etsy shop. Leave a comment on Monday's post to be entered in the drawing. And thanks again for your notes, your encouragement, and your inspiration.


Outtakes From Week of Color - The Colors That Weren't: Orange

Yep. Another reminder. Leave a note on Monday's post to be entered into the sulu-design etsy shop drawing,


Outtakes From Week of Color - The Colors That Weren't: Green

Have you left a note on yesterday's post to be part of the drawing for the sulu-design shop item of your choice?


Such a Good Morning

What a wonderful day - a day to honor the amazing legacy of Dr. King (listen for a moment to this beautiful clip - reminds me of Andrea's sweet post here) and to celebrate tomorrow's inauguration of America's first Black president. I, like many Americans right now, am at a loss for words to expresses how monumentally wonderful this time in our history is.

And on a much smaller scale, but good nonetheless, is the fun of announcing a sulu-design giveaway. Over the course of the holidays, a pretty nice thing happened in my etsy shop. My sales hit a benchmark number of sorts. And because I owe the success of the shop and much of the inspiration for what I do to all of you, I'm giving away a piece of one's choosing from the sulu-design shop to three winners here. Leave a little note on this post by midnight eastern standard time this Thursday, and I'll draw three names of winners who can each choose whatever item they'd like from the shop. Thanks, friends. Hope you're feeling the goodness this morning, too.


Friday: Stripes

Thanks again, Leya, for suggesting a week of color. Using my camera this week to look beyond my black, white and gray uniform (see the scarf and dress... heck, each of the photos, above) has been the perfect antidote to winter blahs. I might just be back on the photo-taking saddle. Wishing you a color-filled weekend, friends.


Thursday: Pink

Pink, if I think of you as faded red, we're cool.


Wednesday: Yellow

Wish I knew you better, yellow.
Let's talk.


Tuesday: Purple

Purple, this is all I got.
Let's be honest: we're not all that close.


Monday: Blue

Blue, you're my favorite.
You're crisp, you're clean, you're fresh.
You're serious and playful.
You're Basic. Simple. Traditional.
Levi's, stripey shirts, and endless summer skies.

Thanks to Leya for arranging another week of color and for providing the kick in the butt I needed to get outside with my camera. I've been a bit out of practice with it recently.


Happy New Year

Here's hoping for more sweet than bitter in 2009.

candied citrus peel recipe found at Cooking Debauchery,
The Small Object, via Angry Chicken

Friends, you who visit here, you who comment here, and you who post entries of your own, you are one of the sweetest parts of my days. Thank you for stopping by, thanks for sharing smiles and encouragement, thanks for limitless inspiration. Looking forward to another year with you...