Handmade Holiday 2008

There's still one box of presents in limbo (the one downside of all the snow last week) somewhere between Portland and Cleveland with gifts for my father, brother, and brother-in-law packed carefully inside, but most of the handmade presents to and from my family have been exchanged. My family knocked my socks off again this year with their amazing gifts.

My brother, Peter, and his wife, Jennifer, designed their cards
using a pattern from Petite Pattern: Scandinavian Style.
I'm now itching to get the entire Petite Pattern series.

Jennifer made us a set of beautiful pillows.

My sister, Maryanne, designed the cutest gift tags.

And she made me a gorgeous platter.
I want Porcelaine 150 paint now, too.

From Portland to Cleveland, with love:

a set of notecards that I block-printed for my mom
(along with some earrings - how could I not?),

a tote bag for Jennifer,

one for Maryanne, too,

movie-watching kits for my nephews,
with blankets, video rental cards, and popcorn,

and teacher-play items for my niece,
including a bulletin board and lots of desk supplies.

A little planning made this handmade holiday much less stressful for me than last. But both last year and this year, I was really blown away by the thoughtfulness of the gifts we received as well as the beautiful design of each of them. We'll see if my family is up for Handmade Holiday 2009. I'm totally hooked. And I've already got ideas for next year...


ambika said...

All of this is fantastic but I really love the fabric for that pillow. That's so close to the orange I was looking for when I went fabric shopping for our own pillows this weekend.

amandajean said...

your family does so well at a handmade christmas! nice job on your gifts!!! hope the presents in limbo land soon. :)

Nadia said...

Wow! Great looking stuff!

Jamie Watson said...

This is so inspiring!! Your gifts for the kids were really cool.

(Also, my Mom loved her earrings).

traci said...

so jealous your family is into this. i would die and go to heaven if we could pull this off but my mom and i are the only craft obsessors in our little family.

Anonymous said...

Soooo lovely! I want to steal this idea (I just gotta convince my family to get into it too...)!!

house on hill road said...

we are doing a handmade culinary holiday next year with my family. we all have enough stuff so we decided that we would make consumables. i'm thinking flavored vodka or vanilla extract.

lealou said...

LOVE the totes Susan! I think you found your new niche ;) Happy New Year!

Knitsonya said...

Such fabulous gifts. How much do I love your creative family. Very inspiring. Have a very Happy New Year Susan!

Mariss said...

You made and received such beautiful (and heartfelt) gifts! I must say, I would have loved an Aunt Suzy as a kid. Grown up teaching supplies for my very own??? What a lucky niece you have.

Glad to hear you had such a relaxing Christmas. Safe travels to Virginia :)

laundrygirl said...

Such cool gifts! I am really impressed --- and inspired as well!