Tags? I don't do no stinkin' tags!

Unless, of course, a severely pregnant woman demands that I do. I don't mess with pregnant ladies. So when Kathy tagged me to post six quirky details about myself, I thought I'd halfway comply. Here's my lame attempt... three random photos that never made it to Original Intent status:

That's all I got today, folks.
I'm waist-deep in handmade holiday preparations.


Esti said...

i like that second picture

Anonymous said...

your photos are just lovely!

Melissa said...

Oh you HAAAAAVE to do the third image!

amandajean said...

I ALWAYS love your photos. and I am trying to conjour up just what the earrings would look like.

happy holiday preparation!

Chickenbells said...

I just love the silver and reds of that last photo!