Sir Links A Lot

Today is the adorable Marissa's birthday. Click on over and wish her a happy one. While you're there, check out the insanely delicious soup recipe she posted (and illustrated) a couple days ago. I made it the very day I saw she'd posted it, and Barry and I devoured the entire pot in two day's time. So. Freaking. Good.

Speaking of soup, check out Shona's recipes, too. She's on a big soup kick herself. I may just have to declare this my Winter of Soup. And of Crusty Bread.

Oh, and the soup talk reminds me... the last pot I made included rosemary from the garden of my super sweet boss, who brought me fresh herb clippings this week. And I've been meaning to mention that the fabulous boss lady started her own blog.

And while I'm on a roll, I should mention that Betsy, my new jewelry-designing friend, started her own blog, too. Click away, friends.

edit: Turns out it's Jamie's birthday, too. The goodness just keeps coming!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I'm tellin' ya- it's the way to go in the cold months.

And here's a comment call-out...AMBIKA! put that chicken broth to good use before the spring.

Have a great morning.

Anonymous said...

I've loved soup for awhile now, but I'm eating way more of it this winter. Like, a new pot each week. Last week I made the Chipotle Chicken Chowder from The Kitchen Sink (I think, and it was delicious). Next up is sweet potato with spinach, and then lentil... I've got a quque of soup recipes lining up.

abby said...

"Sir link a lot"? Really?
Um...I wanna play that game.
I'm too lame to think of anything right now, but oh-one day I'll surprise you with a funny title.

amandajean said...

that's for the soup links! I'm in full soup mode already this winter. it's so so good!

Mariss said...

You are so cute, I adore YOU Susan! Thanks for the b'day and soup shout-outs. I'm so glad you and Barry liked it :)

I'm super busy today, but did a short b'day post per your super-boss request! Ha ha ha ;) xo

Jamie Watson said...

Thanks so much Susan, you made me smile! And happy birthday, fellow birthday girl, Marissa!

I'm excited about these soup recipes too! (-:

Anonymous said...

SUSAN! I'm sooo into soup this winter! Thanks for the ideas. Also, I really really appreciate the link. So cool of you. Can't wait for our next rendezvous.

Leslie said...

mmmm.....Soup! I used to live in a neighborhood of decaying townhomes that several of us bought into to fix up. We bonded over construction how tos and food. For 3 years running, we did soup (& at Christmas- cookies) exchanges. One weekend a month, we all (four of us) made a soup & then divided it into containers & met over tea or wine to exchange our goodies. I got meals for days & a batch of awesome recipes. Will share soon.
Really enjoying your posts. Have a great day!