Day and Night, Night and Day

While my evenings have been busy with holiday gift-making for my family, I've reserved mornings for jewelry-making. Expect lots of sulu-design shop updates in the next week or so, starting with these pieces:

Images above are, as always, direct links to listings.

Hope you're well, friends.
Back soon...


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

only you beneath the moon or under the sun
wheather near to me or far it's no matter darling
where you are
I think of you
day and night, night and day

Thanks for putting a nice tune in my head

amandajean said...

the first two pairs have got me drooling!!!

I like how you are organizing your day to get things done. I could use some of that discipline myself. wanna send some my way, please?

My Love is..... said...

ohhhhhhh SUSAN!!!!! these are just gorgeous..... love them all....especially the wood ones!!

pricklypearbloom said...

I just love those translucent white squares. :)