Way to Go, October

Like many of you, I am seriously enjoying this whole autumn thing. For me, it's meant a wonderful visit with Barry's parents. It's meant this year's first batch of homemade granola. It's meant a gift of hand-picked Hood River fruit from a sweet friend. It's meant waking up before the sun and watching it rise over Mount Hood. It's meant Sundays at Barry's cyclocross races, hanging out with good friends and eating good bagels (it's getting to be ridiculous how often I mention bagels on this blog). It's meant heading out for a dark beer on drizzly nights. And it's meant working on sulu-design pieces inspired by the rich colors of the season. I've been loving antiqued brass recently. And deeper than deep colors:

Some oldies but goodies have been relisted in the shop, and I've added a couple pieces to the sale section. Expect another shop update with a little more color later this week. I hope you're enjoying this amazing time of year, friends!


Poppa said...

Hi Suzy...happy you're enoying autumn...you know
how beautiful it can be in Northern Ohio...we've
had spectacular weather and it's been great!!!
And I saw an acorn squash on the counter so I'm
happily awaiting that autumn treat!!! Winter surely
follows so I'm not trying to rush things, but I just
can't wait until late November and the house full
of happy family!!!!
love, Dad

Poppa said...


holly said...

Happy Autumn to you! This is my absolute favorite time of year – I just love fall and why I think my wedding anniversary is this time.

Gorgeous earrings – I love them.

Oddly enough – I’ve noticed I crave bagels, beer and white chocolate salt cookies after visiting your blog! 

Mariss said...

Man, your Dad is too stinkin' cute! Glad you're enjoying yourself. Sounds like a fun visit with your wonderful in-laws.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous work.... truly.

kat | Taylor Made designs said...

I like your new earrings!
Fall is such a great time of year. Enjoy it all :)

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I look forward to snuggly Fall walks to our local brew pub.

I have some friends who make their own granola for pennies (well, they have it down to about 50 cents a batch) because they buy in such enourmous bulk quantities.

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Yummy granola and beautiful dark wood! Nice :)

amandajean said...

your fall inspired earrings are making me drool. I love this time of year with 2 exceptions. and one of them is sick kids. :( ugh. my little guy is home from school today.

house on hill road said...

fatty races cross, too, you know. i haven't been to a race yet this season, but will soon. do you have your own cow bell?