Life and Limb

I'd been searching in vain for a month or so for some nice pieces in which to re-pot several succulents that Barry and I had picked up from Pistils Nursery a while ago. I was looking for something clean and modern (as opposed to the cute - but not-so-me - mismatched sugar bowls and coffee mugs that I'd had them in). My Goodwill searches were fruitless. After moaning about this to Abby, she suggested I check out Life and Limb. Spot-on recommendation, friend. Life and Limb is a beautiful little shop here in Portland, full of gorgeous plants and fabulous potting options for them.


amandajean said...

they are wonderful. and so you!

hanna said...

looks great!
check out the swedish site www.granit.com they have stationery, pots, storagestuff and I think you will like it.
oh, our baby-boy otto arrived 10 days ago! check him out on the blog!

take care of yourself!
much luck!


Chickenbells said...

OH how beautiful!

abby said...

awesome :)
so glad you liked it.
and i will listen to you moan any day-it's my favorite.
we should do breakfast soon!

kat | Taylor Made designs said...

1st, I just love succulents.
2nd, I love those pots :)

Julia said...

I love those. Must check out the store next time I'm in Portland.