Well Hello There

Welcome to readers who have made their way here from sfgirlbybay. And thanks to Andrea for the kind post there.

I'm short on words today... I've got lots of crafty ideas floating around my head that I'm itching to get to. Details to follow. Have a fantastic day.


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Thirty-Four

chinese restaurant window, portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Thirty-Three

art school parking space, portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Thirty-Two

armstrong manufacturing company, portland

inspired earrings found here


Post-Birthday Post

Thank you, friends, for your sweet birthday wishes yesterday. I had a fabulous day, the kind that brings good tears to one's eyes. A leisurely two hour stroll, started before sun-up, camera in hand. Time spent in a cafe, reading cards from loved ones far away. A wonderful day at work, thanks to my amazing boss and coworkers, with cake, champagne, and gifts. A delicious dinner. And a knock-your-socks-off dessert, panna cotta with bourbon drenched dates, prepared by Barry himself.
Speaking of the mister, I'm all excited because he's been posting to his found photos blog again. The other day, his box of old photo treasures came out, and I've been admiring them, strewn across our desk, each so delicate and carefully chosen. Take note: that's probably the only time you'll hear me say I love anything in the state of being strewn. But it's true. His pairing of these stunning old photos with text from great authors blows me away.

While we're talking about photos, can I say how happy I am that Abby has opened a shop in which she's selling her beautiful images? And how lucky I am to be the recipient of one of them? (Those would be my knees and mid-sentence hand down there... how cool is that?) Thanks, Abby for the perfect birthday surprise, and best of luck with the shop.

Have a terrific day, friends. You all helped to make mine very special.


It's a Wonderful Day to Be Alive

Today I am 32.
And I'm feelin' it.

edit: "Feelin' it", as in, "I'm really feelin' this Marvin Gaye song."
Not, "I'm feelin' some serious aches and pains this morning."


What the...?

I am super anal retentive.
I weed out my closet every month or so, getting rid of things all the time.
I open mail and recycle the junk immediately.
I clean out our refrigerator and cupboards often.
I don't hold on to things I don't need or love.
In our apartment, everything has a place and everything is usually in it.
I discovered this in my desk drawer last night:

How the hell did these Halloween stickers printed in 1988 make it all the way from New York City to Portland with me?


Time to Make the Donuts

A new week, a new sulu-design shop update.
As always, photos above are direct links to listings.
The holidays are approaching.
I'm trying to get my rear in gear...


Path: Car and a Nod to Jamie

Five days a week, my path to work takes me past many sights that I'd love to photograph, but I often by-pass them because I'm in the car, and I'm usually running late. This particular scene has been on my photo radar for a while. I'm really digging the vintage car's green paint job with that backdrop of yellow autumn leaves. And the grid of lines on the road didn't hurt. Y'all know I love geometric references. I finally snapped the shot yesterday in order to wrap up a week of paths (or at least my three-fifths version of it), hosted by the fabulous Shari.

While taking the photo, I couldn't help but think of Jamie, who takes some cool photos of rockin' cars in her neighborhood. She also leaves really sweet comments here. Thanks for the inspiration, Jamie. And happy weekend to you all.


Path: Windows and a Nod to Jen

After seeing Jen's post on paths and windows the other day, I was particularly aware of windows myself while out for a walk. Another look into my morning path, thanks to Jen and Shari:


Path: Northwest Portland Morning

I've been gazing out our bedroom window every morning this week, totally taken with the light of dawn, with the fog that blankets the hills to the west, with the quiet that lingers early in the day. Thanks to Shari and her declaration of a week of paths , I finally went out into this autumn moodiness, before the sun rose, into the brisk cold, for a walk this morning. Here's what I saw along my path:


Way to Go, October

Like many of you, I am seriously enjoying this whole autumn thing. For me, it's meant a wonderful visit with Barry's parents. It's meant this year's first batch of homemade granola. It's meant a gift of hand-picked Hood River fruit from a sweet friend. It's meant waking up before the sun and watching it rise over Mount Hood. It's meant Sundays at Barry's cyclocross races, hanging out with good friends and eating good bagels (it's getting to be ridiculous how often I mention bagels on this blog). It's meant heading out for a dark beer on drizzly nights. And it's meant working on sulu-design pieces inspired by the rich colors of the season. I've been loving antiqued brass recently. And deeper than deep colors:

Some oldies but goodies have been relisted in the shop, and I've added a couple pieces to the sale section. Expect another shop update with a little more color later this week. I hope you're enjoying this amazing time of year, friends!


Pretty and Good

early morning walks, perfect sunlight
a new dress from kara-line
dinners at Toro Bravo
and my new favorite Portland restaurant, DOC,
thanks to my visting in-laws
I hope you had a lovely weekend, too.


Life and Limb

I'd been searching in vain for a month or so for some nice pieces in which to re-pot several succulents that Barry and I had picked up from Pistils Nursery a while ago. I was looking for something clean and modern (as opposed to the cute - but not-so-me - mismatched sugar bowls and coffee mugs that I'd had them in). My Goodwill searches were fruitless. After moaning about this to Abby, she suggested I check out Life and Limb. Spot-on recommendation, friend. Life and Limb is a beautiful little shop here in Portland, full of gorgeous plants and fabulous potting options for them.