And Still With the Earrings

Several more days of sulu-design etsy shop updates are still on their way... I'm not done yet. Today's listings are on the girly side, all purple and faceted and such:

images above are direct links to each pair
Enjoy your day!


Mariss said...

Pretty colors! I love the "cobalt teal" with the blue and yellowish gold.

Did you ever buy more beads? Weren't you running low? ;)

notsocrafty.com said...

Wow, those are really pretty.

Chickenbells said...

oh, the blues are reminding me of the skies we finally have here (due to lots of loud rain early this morning)

abbyjane said...

the title of this post totally cracks me up. i often think i should name my blogs posts "and still with the birds".

amandajean said...

these are so pretty, susan. they match the all the brilliant blue skies in your photos.