Monday is My Sunday

And Portland's morning light is just gorgeous today.
It's going to be a lovely day off.
I hope the week is starting beautifully where you are, too.


A Listing for the Weekend

Portland is in for a heat wave this weekend. I say bring it on! Punchy red earrings seemed like the appropriate choice to list in anticipation of the hot, hot, hot.

click images above for direct links to the sulu-design etsy shop
Have a wonderful weekend, friends!



I love my family. Tremendously.
Most of my family lives in the Midwest or on the East Coast.

I have come to adore Portland. This Portland's on the west coast.


That's Not All, Folks

The sulu-design etsy shop updates continue to roll with these:

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More to come. I've been busy...


Let the Listing Begin

The first of a half dozen or so shop updates that I've planned for the next couple weeks starts with listings of these red oval and smoky brown pieces (pictured much larger than intended... oops):

all in the sulu-design etsy shop now
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On Our Fire Escape...

I finished a devastating book lent to my by a blogging friend
We watch parallel parking attempts - some skillful, some not
I catch interesting bits of conversations wafting up from the bar five stories below

We drink red wine by candlelight
I watch Mount Hood disappear into darkness
to the east in the evening
Where is your bit of outdoor space? What do you do there?


Old Mother Hubbard

I went to the box in which I keep my etsy shop earrings to fill an order and found that the box was near empty. I'd been adding pieces to the shop in such little trickles that the selection had grown pretty small. So I rushed to add these:

And I've got grand plans to post hefty groupings of earrings and necklaces over the course of the next couple weeks. I've also just made drop offs at Tumbleweed and Olio United, so Portlanders can see new sulu-design selections in person. Speaking of Olio United, tonight they're hosting an opening for an exhibit of blown glass works by Esque. Olio United is a lovely shop in a gorgeous space owned by such a nice group of people - definitely check them out.


Racing His Way Through Oregon

Another 50 mile race yesterday (this time on a mountain bike), another long walk in the country while I cheered for Barry as he lapped the course. But this time, we were graced with blue skies and sun. They're finally here.

After seeing my shots from race day, Barry was reminded of a series of photos of power lines by Paul Cabuts that was featured back in the Summer 2003 issue of Source magazine. A cyclist with an unfaltering memory and love of photography. He's a keeper.
With the lovely weather, an excellent show by Sea Wolf at the Doug Fir last night, and a Detroit Cobras show on the way this evening, I can hardly contain myself. I hope your week is off to a good start, too.


Old School?

A certain mall store, which shall remain nameless to protect the innocent shoppers who get sucked in every now and then, has come out with a line of clothes with a tag that reads "Heritage: 1981." Sheesh. '81? Heritage? Yikes. Continuing with this exaggerated sense of time's passing, I've been working on a bunch of earrings that I'm referring to as my old school collection, as they make use of colors, shapes, and textures (hello, faceted) that I used all the time when I was making earrings back in New York. Remember, like, eleven months ago?

These throwbacks are available in the sulu-design etsy shop.
Happy day to you, friends!


Like a Raindance for the Sun

My attempt at using bright beads and colorful indoor surroundings to chase away the weather's dreariness here in Portland was actually somewhat successful. The sun poked through the clouds a bit this weekend, but now we're back to cold, overcast weather. Coffee and more punchy-colored beads to the rescue.

Besides the weather, a few things that have been itching at the back of my brain for a while are bothering me this week. I'll check back here once my mood lifts. I have a feeling it may do so when the clouds do the same.


Silverton Day Three

behind the school there was a playground


Silverton Day Two

the race started at a school


Silverton Day One

Barry competed in a 52 and a half mile bicycle road race this weekend near Silverton, Oregon. Clearly, we are related by marriage, not genetics. I dutifully positioned myself next to the starting line to catch a glimpse of him every time he whizzed past for each of the three 17.5 mile loops he completed. While he looped, I explored the area, camera in hand. For the next few days I'll be showing you what I got to know of Silverton, as things 'round my way have been rather slow - slow but good - otherwise.

centered landscapes