Over the Border to Broder

Oft-blogged-about Broder was the spot for one happy breakfast get-together yesterday morning. The ridiculously adorable April, cute broach-maker extraordinaire, brought her talented illustrator friend Alice, visiting from London, down from Vancouver, B.C. to hang out in Portland for a few days. And I had the pleasure of meeting them both. The ladies are were lovely, as was the little on-the-house treat that our waiter brought when he heard the girls were from out of town. If only all days could start so sweetly.


ambika said...

How lucky that you got to meet April! She seems so sweet and fun on her blog.

Mom said...

Suzy, that little treat looks like an Aebelskiver - Danish Pancake - which we just learned to make last Sunday at a class at Williams Sonoma! They sell an aebelskiver pan - not a simple operation though!

Was it filled - ours had a lime curd filling that was mixed with a little marscapone.

Cute sweater that your friend was wearing! Have a good weekend, Love, Mom

april said...

Susan! We had the best time at breakfast, and that awesome zig-zagging car trip through the fairytale housing block of Portland! We ended up staying at the White Eagle tonight which is so, so awesome!!! I LOVE PORTLAND!!!

daddylikeyblog said...

I definitely need to get to Broder--I've been hearing so much about it!