Crystalized Ginger Saves the Day

We don't keep sweets around the house.
But we do have the ingredients necessary to quickly
whip them up when we need a little Sunday night treat.

Yesterday evening, a somewhat desperate search
resulted in this easy recipe for ginger honey cookies.
Sweet tooth satisfied.


Artsy Momma said...

I am in love with this photo. And that bowl/plate is super cute!

Mrs.French said...

I am such a chicken when it comes to baking. I admire those who can jump in on a whim...

Oh and I stopped by your sweet shop yesterday. I missed you again! Anyway, I purchased another Odd Molly piece. I am totally addicted! I don't know if I can continue to pop in if the results continue to dig into my checking account. Oh heck I love it, it was Mother's Day and I will keep it forever. Totally justified.

Chickenbells said...

Those sound like lovely treats indeed!

Anonymous said...

oh, yum yum yum!

amandajean said...

we are a big fan of cornflake cookies in our house (sugar, karo syprup and peanut butter mixed with cornflakes...do you know them?). I am not sure that the ginger cookies would go over so well with the kiddos, but I think they sound delightful.