Chipper Up

In the shop.
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Wood chips... get it?
You're in for a week of posts with bad puns for titles.


Wende said...

Oh, bring on the bad puns. We live for them at our place.

The red dot is fabu. :D

amandajean said...

aw, the puns make me smile. you didn't disappoint. :)

I love the wooden bead earrings so much, but I don't think I could ever pull them off.

Mrs.French said...

I'm a fan of the pun...even bad ones. Oh and I so didn't need to know about the Rebe skirts...ok sort of glad I know.

Mrs.French said...

oh and I love these..you probably already knew that.

vana chupp said...

love the round wooden ones. Got to check your etsy shop.