Were I Prone To Using Emoticons...

you'd see lots of colons and parentheses all over this post, the former mostly of the closed variety (think happy faces). While my tone is often misunderstood and I could probably benefit from throwing some sly smiles into my posts when I'm using a little sarcasm, I still have trouble getting myself to use punctuation pictures, so I'll just have to spell out some recent smile-inducers 'round these parts.

But first, an open parenthesis (think frowny face). I'm sad to report that JetSet, the cutest and by far the friendliest boutique in Carytown in Richmond, Virginia has closed it's doors. Amy, the owner, had carried sulu-design earrings there for years now, and along the way became a friend of mine. Her lovely shop will be greatly missed. However, one of the reasons for it's closing gets the biggest smiley face of them all. Amy is now the mother of a beautiful baby boy. Congratulations and best of luck to Amy and her new family!

More smiles in anticipation of seeing Angie tonight on Alberta Street's last Thursday event. Her beautiful artwork will be on view at Idom, and I can't wait to see it and to meet her in person, too.

Smiles, also, for a freshly restocked sulu-design selection at Moxie, as well as in the sulu-design etsy shop:

Here's hoping your day is full of closed parentheses.


amandajean said...

glad to hear that there are lots of smiles in your world right now. :) too bad about jetset closing, but what a good reason behind it.

ambika said...

I'm not prone to emoticons or LOLs either so I feel you on hoping the tone isn't misinterpreted.

Beautiful new pieces. Love those little curved tear drops especially.

Dog Gone said...

You are funny! I think your tone is very warm, but subdued. I don't think you need to use those emoticons to show smiles! I use them occasionally, but with discretion.
Thanks for the last Thursday reminder. I hope to make it as Angie work is just stunning.
Bummer on losing a wonderful client, but I'm sure it's hard to be both mom & shop owner.

Chickenbells said...


Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

I was never one to use those emoticons, but I'm always afraid my tone won't come across properly, so now I use them always. Annoying? most definitely... but hey, at least I do it with a smile :)

mariss said...

Eek! I'm such a winker, but only in the comments. I feel like I have to say (wink) on my blog at times, or else peeps would think I was crazier than usual. (I tend to sound like a total cheese or kiss-butt if you don't know me!). On another side note, almost cursed in your comment for the 2nd time, but said butt instead ;)

Congrats for your friend and her new baby boy. Have fun meeting your new friend at the show!

--Signed, Overzealous emoticon rambler and tangent taker in Philly

Esti said...

You have a very nice blog here!
I'm glad that people use emoticons; I started using them when I realized I wasn't getting the right mood, since I am an English as second language person... :)

casey said...

I think your tone came across perfectly--despite the absence of the emoticons. :) (which oddly, I only use in comments/emails; I never use them anymore in blog posts! lol.)

your new earrings are gorgeous! my birthday is coming up, so I'm sending my mom a "this would be a nice, little gift" email. hehe!

hope you're having a lovely weekend!!