LA LA Lovin' It

Some quick blove as I run out the door this morning... We're having an early meeting at work today and I volunteered to pick up bagels for it. I'm way too excited.

Fans of LALA Dex Press know why Shona has been a little less frequently than usual with her posting as of late. She has recently become a proud first-time homeowner, and is dealing with lots of the stuff that initially comes along with that. But somewhere in the midst of it all, she managed to put together the sweetest surprise package for me, including this vintage white ceramic piece:

which is perfect for holding the pretty letterpress postcards and stationary she sent, too. An aside: if you look hard enough, you'll see that my new stationary holder is happily sitting in front of a photo from one of my all-time favorite bloggers. You may have to squint. Lok right behind the owl's head.

I'm surrounded by blog goodness these days. Thanks, ladies. I'll spread a bit of that blove around when I announce the winner of the Rob Ryan calendar giveaway tomorrow morning. Guessing is open 'til midnight tonight. Now... I have some carbohydrates to tend to.


house on hill road said...

what a great gift! i love that planter!

Dog Gone said...

Funny, my nickname is La La & I am so lovin' all your introductions to other folks' blogs, photos, artwork and their fun & inspiring musings. Thank you!

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

that shona really rocks :)

amandajean said...

what wonderful mail!

Wende said...

Aw... lucky you. :D

andrea said...

I'm not sure which I love more-- the fact that one of my photos is now living in your *fantastic* home... or the fact that I am one of your favorite bloggers. aw shucks, girl. you know the feeling is mutual.