Beautiful Film Week, Day 4

Breaking the Waves, directed by Lars von Trier
(whose Dancer in the Dark could have easily made the cut, too).
You may recall my mention of this movie long ago.
It makes me bawl non-stop. Totally devastating.

I'm linking to the trailer here -
it contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature.
You've been warned.


Dog Gone said...

First of all, loved the straight story by d. lynch....but breaking the waves is one of my all time favorite movies & emily watson, a very favorite actress. I totally bawl, too, every time I watch it.
Great idea of your friend to launch this beautiful film week. am enjoying the posts.

TAYLOR MADE designs said...

oh this was a sad movie. I remember crying, a lot! {and I was in the theater trying to hide it}

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I saw Dancer in The Dark + was so traumatized (althogh it was beautiful) that I just could not watch anything else by Lars von Trier, so I have not seen Breaking The Waves.

holly said...

I loved and cried my eyes out to this movie!! My husband thought I was a bit dark that this movie made my top 5 - and he had just seen 'Ice Storm' from my recommendation.

Sonya said...

This almost made my cut as well. All I can say is, after I first saw it, "She's not right in the 'ead!" became a repeated refrain among the friends I saw it with. And isn't Emily Watson magnificent?

traci said...

this movie hurts. the kind of hurt that won't leave you for days and that you just can't walk away from. ugh, that scene where he comes into her trailer and she can't see him.. ughhhhh.

Jamie Watson said...

Oh my gosh yes. I saw this movie twice and it was probably the most difficult to watch movie I've ever seen, as far as it affecting my emotions. So tragic! So well-acted! I feel like I have the chills just thinking about it now.

Mom said...


Needless to say I have not seen any of these on your list but am writing them all down and the first week I retire I am going to rent them all and not get up from the couch!

Love, Mom

ease between notches said...

Oh my gosh, I loved this movie too! We went to see it in the theatre without any idea what it was about. I think I cried from the first frame all the way through - and so did my husband. Like being punched really hard in the stomach - the pain, the lack of breath. But I mean that in a good way. Great pick!