Beautiful Film Week, Day 1

A short while ago, Abby (blog and real-life friend, yay Portland!) proposed that Jan. 14 be the start of a Beautiful Film Week for those bloggers who wanted to join in. Feel free to hop on board - I'm putting my two cents in, but with a few warnings. First, I don't watch many movies. A few of the ones I'll mention this week are movies that I haven't seen in years, so my memory may have altered their beauty level a bit. I'm also not what one would consider a decent film critic, so I decided that I'm not going go too heavy on the text. I'll provide you with a few links and leave any exploration that you might want to do up to you. My final warning is about the nature of a couple of my choices. My definition of beautiful my seem a bit twisted by the end of the week, once you see a few of the movies I mention here. Many of the movies to which I am drawn tend to be... oh... somewhat on the on the dark side. I'll give up a heads up when that's the case. I'll start out, though, with one of my favorites that isn't least bit dark. As the week goes on, expect darkness to descend. But for now:

The Straight Story, directed by David Lynch.
It was actually rated "G".
Did you know David Lynch was capable of a "G"?

Hopefully by the next post, I'll have figured out how to embed a video on my blog. Until then... a link to the trailer on YouTube. And thanks, Abby, for your wonderful proposal!


jen j-m said...

oh, i loved the straight story!
one of my favorite parts is when he wants to buy the grabber in the store and she asks him what he wants it for - and he says "grabbin'."

holly said...

Shoot! I was away from my computer and missed all sorts of great posts from you - and more importantly, a chance to win a prize (I was the biggest fan of gameshows as a kid - can you tell?). Anyway - I love the movie idea. I love movies and this is great timing since the movie awards shows are tentatively off. Thanks for yet another fun idea! Hope to see the G Lynch movie soon :)

david & lydia said...

we loved watching this at our small cinema here in corvallis ... thanks for jogging the memories of this sweet film.

kbg said...

Okay, Susan, I am playing...my first submission is on my site today at www.grandmaskitchentable.typepad.com and I will check out your first recommendation asap. What a great idea Abby had in setting this up! Jewelry and movies, what's not to love?

Chickenbells said...

My heavens...I missed several days of you posting...I will never know exactly how that happens...Needless to say, I am intrigued that David Lynch DID indeed make a G movie...I will have to look into that!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

a HUGE deal was made about David Lynch directing a "G" rated move. This movie REALLY did get me, then there is the fact that Richard Farnsworth committed suicide just after the movie was completed, which made it that much more bittersweet.
Dark is good + on a side note, I REALLY reccomend "The Saddest Music inThe World" Beautiful does not even begin to describe this move + all the better if you watch the "Tears in The Snow" featurette in the special features which talks about the amazing and antiquated techniques used to make the movie.

shari said...

i loved the straight story too. a great film...which reminds me. tom hasn't seen it so i need to rent it again. xo

Lesley said...

I've never seen the straight story so I will add it to my list pronto! Thanks. :-)