Would You Please Move in Next Door?

Really. You guys are so sweet. Won't you be my neighbors? Thanks for all of the lovely notes yesterday. You really know how to warm a girl's heart. And several of you have pretty good suggestions for wide calf boots, too. I just may have made some headway on that front.

Because you were so supportive and a few of you expressed worry about how I'm doing, I feel the need to explain here that the questions I'm asking myself are not pressing - many of them won't be decided for months, maybe years - nor are they seriously upsetting. Truly, all of them have arisen out of pretty positive circumstances. The issues of stay/go and east/west have arisen because there are such good elements on each side of each case, that I feel a bit torn between them. But torn in a good way. I mean, I'm really choosing between wonderful options. The issue of my current job versus teaching is on my mind because I work with a fabulous group of women in a lovely setting that I'm happy to go to everyday, but teaching brought me immeasurable satisfaction because I thought I was doing a pretty good job in a rather tough environment. Again, either way, the options are pretty great. And the blog or not to blog question? That's something that I think goes through most bloggers minds at some point. It's currently flitting through my head because I'm out enjoying life so much right now that I find I have less and less time to sit at the computer, but the friendships the blogging has brought me and the daily jolt of inspiration I get from your blogs are so valuable to me that I can't imagine giving the old blog up. Really, guys, things are good. There' just a lot swimming around in my head right now. And too much on my plate at once makes me a little nutty. Thanks for all of your encouragement about the stuff in my head, and rest assured - everything is all right.

Barry and I did have an awesome day yesterday, working on ideas for our handmade gifts, strolling around our neighborhood, looking at boots (Barry was a serious trooper), and getting in the holiday spirit. In fact, I started a garland project that's been in my head for weeks now, and will hopefully have photos to share tomorrow. And there's been a holiday shop update, too, starting with a bunch of beads with festive sparkle (or as much sparkle as I can handle). Several more updates will follow every few days. For now, you can find these guys in the sulu-design esty shop... sorry I can't bring myself to type suelieu first. I hope you're holiday preparations are getting you in festive spirits, too. Thanks again for your supportive words and your friendships.

The images above are direct links
to each item's listing in my esty shop.
Have a great day, friends.


beki said...

I was going to respond to your previous post, but decided to write it here. I think what you're going through is perfectly normal. It means that things are changing and you're growing. Embrace it and enjoy the ride!

Wende said...

Heh... I sent you email without checking the blog... but my words still stand. Assuming your spam filter didn't get me.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I know.
I know.
I know.
I know.

Erin said...

Oh dear I guess I should have read this blog post before I commented on yesterdays post. I am so glad that all is well. Good to hear that either way it's a win-win situation for you. I am relieved that you are not going to give up on the blog...I think we all have those days where we think about stopping. I know I have been slacking in the posting department lately.

Enjoy your weekend Susan. Off to check out your shop!

amandajean said...

your title made me laugh.

and now i feel much better about how you are doing. you had me worried there, missy!

hillroad erin said...

ok, feeling better about what i just read. :)

Chickenbells said...

Hold on baby...I thought we were all next door? It's a little cramped over here, but I like it!