To The Rescue

You guys are stinkin' great. Thanks so much for you words of support and encouragement yesterday. I can't tell you how much you lifted my spirits. Now that I've been able to get that mess of my chest, I feel so much better - I've got a clear head to focus on what I need to do to move ahead. Thanks to you, friends, today is a much better day than the past several have been.

In fact, it's a great day. I'm beaming over this adorable book sleeping bag (not it's official name, I'm sure) that my new blog friend made for me. Ain't it cute? Yeah, those are nesting dolls on that back fabric. Andrea is so sharp and sassy. And she's been a breath of fresh air here. Thanks for the perfect gift and new friendship, Scout!

And last might, my big brother (the one who publishes posts for me while I'm out of town) and his wife came into town for a week-long visit. Woo hoo! Their presence alone would have been enough, but people... they brought bagels. Real New York City bagels. Saints.

So I'm going to be a busy bee this week, trying to get things in order with the sulu-design... I mean suelieu shop, and hanging out with my much loved and missed family. But I'll definitely be checking in tomorrow with some lovely news. Have a great weekend, and thanks again for your friendships. You guys are the greatest.


erin said...

that book sleeping bag is really cute! enjoy the visit with your family - and the bagels, of course. :)

Chickenbells said...

Damn. I missed your last post...how do I do that? I'm gonna' read it...I love the new book blankie!!! I use to enjoy bagels too, but I'm allergic now...enjoy them for me!

Erin said...

Lucky gal...but you do deserve it. So glad you are feeling better!

meg said...

ugh. just catching up on blogs today. sorry you had to go through such a headache but glad things are looking up!

amandajean said...

enjoy your tasty bagels from NYC + your family!

love the new book sleeping bag. isn't it so fun to get blogger gifts? ;)