Sunday: Pink

click earring image for etsy listing

Thanks to Andrea (from the lovely city of Portland, Oregon!) for organizing this week of color.


amandajean said...

I *heart* pink.

LOVE the pink + brown earrings. One of my favorite color combos.

Your photos never cease to amaze me. NEVER. :)

hope all is going fabulously for you.

Robyn said...

this was a great week of color for you! Hope you're doing well.

Chickenbells said...

Oh pink...

it's the new pink!

kat said...

oh the pink photos look super and so do those earrings!

We should play a game like,
"where in the USA is Susan?" :)
Hope your traveling is fun + safe!

natala said...

that window made me happy, and I'm not even sure why :) lovely.