Second Time Around Scones

The first time I made Wende's apricot ginger scones,
they were pretty darn good.

Substituting cherries for the apricots,
chocolate chips for the candied ginger,
and cocoa powder for the powdered ginger
was pretty darn good, too.


traci said...

oh geez these look so yum. i'll be right over!

Funky Finds said...

i received my pink & orange earrings & they are fabulous! you are so talented!!!! i'm wearing them right now!

Wende said...

heh, we substituted whipping cream for half/half. Oh. My.

erin said...

with a cup of coffee, those would be heaven!

Erin said...

Sounds absolutely delicious Susan.

Village Vegan said...

oh boy. I bookmarked that recipe after you wrote about it the first time, and now I really, really want to try it!