I Am My Father's Daughter

To you, dear Dad,
who may not be able to read this until months after I've written it,
I am grateful for:

my never-ending belief in Santa Claus

my desire - no, my need - for order, for organization, for cleanliness

redecorating my bedroom when I was in junior high,
taking it from gaggy girly to modern black and white

having you as my softball team's coach

the sensitivity that I often keep hidden,
and my desire for fairness that is rooted in it

my inappropriate sense of humor

summers highlighted by family trips to Nags Head,
where I fell forever in love with the salty ocean and with seafood

my ability to drive a stick shift
(Did I ever apologize for making your poor little Toyota
stutter around the school parking lot
until we both practically suffered from whiplash?)

seeing the Cleveland Indians play their first game
ever at Jacob's Field on its inaugural day

memories of the two of us completing projects in your workroom,
like refinishing a bunch of old furniture that I took off to college,
while listening to rock and roll oldies on the radio

our two weeks in Italy

my desire to meet new people, see new things, and explore the world

your unfailing support of all of the decisions I've ever made,
including the most recent ones,
even if you'd have chosen otherwise for me

So much of who I am, I am because of you.
I love you more than I'll ever been able to tell you.
Be well. Get better. We've got lots more projects ahead of us.
Happy Father's Day.
Your Darling Dotter


Robyn said...

It's beautiful!

Chickenbells said...

How very sweet...I hope he can read it sooner!

Wende said...

I do hope he reads this soon. It was very, very lovely! Much like its author.

picperfic said...

you honey..and your Dad sounds like he is just the best ever!

Lesley said...

That's so touching.

kat said...

oh don't make him wait to read that! way too sweet :)

erin said...

oh, susan, i hope your mom reads this to him!

Gloria said...

That is so sweet! I hope your father does get to read it soon.

amandajean said...

what a sweet post! It gave me goosebumps.

mariss said...

Oh, Susan. That is so touching. My own eyes started to tear up slightly! I hope he gets better very soon.

Holly said...

That was the best dad's day tribute ever! You are the best :)

Vanessa V said...

Dads are the bestest ever!!!

Mom said...

Dear Suzy,

This brought tears to Dad's eyes and to mine as you may have guessed.

Printed out a copy for him to save with your Father's Day card. I know he will treasure your words for ever. Love, Mom

Sonya said...

Oh Susan. Beautiful, just wonderful, you've made me weepy.