Original Intent (Revisited): Day Seventy-Two

pulaski bridge lightpost, between greenpoint, brooklyn and long island city, queens

inspired earrings found here


erin said...

love all that red with a touch of white!

Nadia said...

Love all the chiclet earrings!

kat said...

beautiful. Nice pairing!

Bitterbetty said...

These original intent posts floor me. Your photography makes me all weak-kneed and stuff.

Seriously, I am totally kicking myself because i missed our on the fishy earrings. It will todays little tragedy.

wish you were closer. I'd LOVE to get coffee.
email me!

Chickenbells said...

Wonderful, as always...I love that someone else thinks they look like chiclets too...my mouth waters a bit everytime I see them...then again, that should really be the sign of good jewelry shouldn't it?

Crystal said...

So gorgeous! I adore the red and white together.