Best Mom Ever

Thanks, Mom, for:

providing me with piano lessons, clarinet lessons, and acting lessons,
and for not getting upset when I wasn't good at any of 'em

being patient with me when I was little and
wouldn't let you have a moment to yourself to read in the evenings
because I wanted your undivided attention - all the time

taping a quarter to the inside of my brown bag lunch everyday
so I could have milk at school

throwing the best birthday parties

starting your own businesses
(and not explaning to me the humor behind the name
"Happy Cooker" until I was old enough to hear it)

teaching me right from wrong

dealing with me through the self-loathing years of junior high

being your children's strongest ally

taking me to your beauty salon when I in high school
to have half of my head shaved while the other patrons looked on in horror

teaching me to recognize what is and what is not important in life

providing me with an amazing education

giving up your car for a month while I was in college
so Heather and I could drive across the country,
even though you were nervous,
because you knew what a beautiful adventure we'd have

sending me Cleveland real estate pages and job classifieds for the past 13 years
(you're a persistent little bugger)

being able to laugh at yourself

contemplating going in to work on your days off
just to read my blog
(by the way, the public library has computer access, too)

being my biggest fan

I love you.
Happy Mother's Day


Sonya said...


Chickenbells said...

Oh...your mom sounds wonderful, and a lot like my mom, letting me explore my world while being a little nervous and supporting all the fun stuff we do...how amazing and lucky we are! (must be why we're so tallented and successful...and modest) Happy Mother's Day to her...

erin said...

oh, susan, what a tribute to your mom! she has got to be super proud of you!!!

kat said...

so very sweet.
Happy Mother's day to your mum :)

abbyjane said...

you are a serious sweetheart

feli said...

your mom sounds wonderful. Happy Mothers day to her too. :*)

Bitterbetty said...

I think I love your mom too.


Lesley said...

That is so sweet. I bet your mum has a tear in her eye when she reads it.

amandajean said...

what a sweet post!

Mom said...

Dearest Sweetest Suzy,

WOW! As you know am crying while I read this so the tears are freely flowing as I write this now at work.

Made a copy to keep forever.

Had forgotten about the clarinet (but we were able to sell it as I recall) and I sent you the notice when your piano teacher died. (I thought you were good at everything you did!)

Had also forgotten about the 1/2 shaved head haircut, were you in grade school or high school?

Your education was amazing because you were and are amazing and chose to take advantage of all that was offered to you and you continue to grow and develop your God-given gifts. Our two weeks in Rome with you were a wonderful education for Dad and me - we have learned so much from the child you were and the adult you have become.

Who would have ever guess that my Camry could have done 100 MPH!

"May the force be with you!"

Ah, you mean it wasn't too subtle sending the real estate pages and classifieds - well you win some and you lose some(which is why I continue to be the persistent bugger!

We have to get our computer hooked up at home - soon, very soon.

Know that you are truly loved in every way and will always be - Mom

Erin said...

Okay now I am crying too. Especially after reading your Mum's response. Sniffle sniffle. Lovely tribute to your Mum Susan. She sounds pretty incredible and so do you! :o)

Tanger said...

Awwwww...! THat's so sweet!! Moms are awesome. Especially yours.

Robyn said...

I've said it before, your mom sounds wonderful. What a blessing.

maris said...

Your post is super-sweet. Your mom sounds like a really cool woman. And it sure sounds like she's very proud of her kids.

The Happy Cooker? Hi-lar-ious.

Rachel S. said...

This post inspires me to try harder and be better for my little ones.

What a wonderful relationship you and your mom share together!