Original Intent (Revisited): Day Seventy-Five

worthless old fence, long island city

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day Seventy-Four

grand central parkway, astoria

inspired earrings found here
Thank you.


Holding On

an urgent call friday afternoon
an unplanned drive through pennsylvania
a pause for sleep at a forgotten motel

early next morning, on to pittsburg
trauma center
a horrible motorcycle accident
my dad
my funny, strong, proud father

most beautiful family
holding on tight
hoping for recovery

Please understand if I am absent in posting and commenting in the near future. As always, I truly appreciate your kind comments and hope to be with you soon.


Original Intent (Revisited): Day Seventy-Three

dumpster, long island city

inspired earrings found here



Two taggers - Kristen and Fanja - got me earlier this week. By now, most of you know the deal: list seven random facts about yourself and tag seven others to play along. I had a hard time with this one. I mean, some rules I try to follow to the letter of the law, so I struggled to think of seven seriously random things about myself. But then other rules I totally disregard, so there will be no tag-backs here. Hey, guys, I tried:

1. I haven't worn shorts in public since the summer of 1998, and that was because I was doing construction work in Miami. Prior to that, I hadn't worn them since 1994.
2. I don't own a cell phone. I hate cell phones. But we can still be friends if you have a cell phone.
3. I am married to my first and only boyfriend.
4. I feel horribly awkward when I see people checking themselves out in their reflections in windows. I feel like I'm unintentionally invading a personal moment.
5. I have a ridiculous fear that one day, all of the jewelry that I've made will start falling apart, and I'll receive hundreds of e-mails from angry customers.
6. I spent a good deal of my teen years and early twenties fighting tradition, and now I cling to it for dear life.
7. I have cute toes but ugly ankles.


Original Intent (Revisited): Day Seventy-Two

pulaski bridge lightpost, between greenpoint, brooklyn and long island city, queens

inspired earrings found here


Many Happy Returns

I've been busy making rounds to a couple of my favorite local shops that carry sulu-design items. Sodafine now has a dozen new sulu-design on hand, and Flirt's two locations have sixty-five new pairs between them. Whew! Aside from the fact that I love chatting with the owners of the shops (hello, real-life role models) and that I get to check out all of the amazing clothing, shoes, and accessories that they carry, I like making these little drop-offs for the most backward reason: the returns. Usually, when I drop off a new batch of earrings, I end up taking back two or three pairs of earrings that didn't sell in the shop. Oddly enough, they are often earrings that are of style or made with a bead that was a huge hit in my etsy shop. Such was the case earlier this week, when two blasts from the past found their way back to me and into the shop. Remember these?

(click images for etsy listing)

Today's visit to Flirt was extra fun, as Patti, one of the owners, filled me in on the details of their new space, Home Ec on Third Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, that the Flirt girls have acquired in order to host crafting workshops, children's classes, private lessons, and open studio time. Currently, they're offering build-a-bag sessions - you make and take a lined tote - and several more projects are in the works. If you're interested, contact them at flirtbrooklyn@earthlink.net.

Original Intent (Revisited): Day Seventy-One

cathy's dance studio, astoria

inspired earrings found here


Week in Review in Photos

You can tell that I've had a busy week when most of my posts are of the Original Intent variety. I dedicate time to jewelry-making no matter what insanity may be going on in my life, so I've always got Original Intent pieces ready and waiting to be posted. 'Cause when things get hectic and I'm pressed for time, I just can't go through my other routine of composing and editing (and editing, and editing) non-Original Intent blog posts. It's insane how many times I read a post before I publish it, making the most miniscule revisions.
Anyhow, I've found myself with a few extra moments this evening, so I thought I'd dig up some pictures that I've recently taken that I won't be translated into O.I. pairings (I've alrady got a truckload of those ready and waiting - brace yourself, dear blog friends). Just a few of the places that I've spent time enjoying life in the past week or so:

my third grade class trip to Shea Stadium to see the Mets vs. the Cubs

dinner at Union Picnic in Williamsburg -
I can't get enough of their southern cooking and the fabulous interior

Royal Oak, just across the street from Union Picnic,
for a drinks with friends and fantastic atmosphere

I have been enjoying quite a bit of time outdoors at a few New York City races, too. Since a couple of you asked, Barry was the one who ran the Brooklyn half-marathon (as seen in yesterday's post), but it took place over a month ago. I had to put the starting line photo on hold in order to get those Texas Original Intent pieces posted. This weekend, Barry competed in a duathalon (5K run, 20 mile bike ride, 5K run) in Queens, and kicked bootie. I, on the other hand, can go six miles before I keel over...


Original Intent (Revisited): Day Seventy

pacing flag at starting line of brooklyn half-marathon, coney island

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Original Intent (Revisited): Day Sixty-Nine

toilet paper rolls, big bend national park, texas

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day Sixty-Eight

used truck sales lot, austin, texas

inspired earrings found here


KnitSonya... KniceSonya

I was introduced to the blog SONYAKNITS by a woman in my knitting group who thought that the photos that Sonya posts would be right up my alley. She was oh-so right. Since my first visit to her blog, I've been hooked on Sonya's amazing photography as well as her sense of humor and observant remarks. And, what admire most in a good blogger, she knows how to be concise (I'm tryin' myself, guys, I'm really tryin')! A little commenting back and forth on one another's blogs and... well, one thing led to another, and here I am, the lucky recipient of a special little package.

How freakin' cute is this card?!?
It's sewn around the edges.

No, she didn't send ice cream - but isn't this an adorable box?

Seeing a few of my previous posts on earrings that I've made - some from vintage buttons and some from not-previously-loved buttons - the darling Sonya dug through her stash and found several buttons with hole configurations that are just right for my needs. Among many others, she sent:

Being the fake-o knitter that I am, I brought the buttons and my jewelry tools with me to the knitting meet-up last night (I can't remember the last time that I brought yarn and needles there) and made these:

And this is just the beginning! I'm in button heaven, thanks to Sonya.


Original Intent (Revisited): Day Sixty-Seven

best skate center, austin, texas

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day Sixty-Six

building, marathon, texas

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Best Mom Ever

Thanks, Mom, for:

providing me with piano lessons, clarinet lessons, and acting lessons,
and for not getting upset when I wasn't good at any of 'em

being patient with me when I was little and
wouldn't let you have a moment to yourself to read in the evenings
because I wanted your undivided attention - all the time

taping a quarter to the inside of my brown bag lunch everyday
so I could have milk at school

throwing the best birthday parties

starting your own businesses
(and not explaning to me the humor behind the name
"Happy Cooker" until I was old enough to hear it)

teaching me right from wrong

dealing with me through the self-loathing years of junior high

being your children's strongest ally

taking me to your beauty salon when I in high school
to have half of my head shaved while the other patrons looked on in horror

teaching me to recognize what is and what is not important in life

providing me with an amazing education

giving up your car for a month while I was in college
so Heather and I could drive across the country,
even though you were nervous,
because you knew what a beautiful adventure we'd have

sending me Cleveland real estate pages and job classifieds for the past 13 years
(you're a persistent little bugger)

being able to laugh at yourself

contemplating going in to work on your days off
just to read my blog
(by the way, the public library has computer access, too)

being my biggest fan

I love you.
Happy Mother's Day


Original Intent (Revisited): Day Sixty-Five

could-be-anywhere light post, marfa, texas

inspired earrings found here