Original Intent (Revisited): Day Thirty-Five

reflection of my apartment building in a dirty puddle, astoria

inspired earrings found here


Vanessa said...

OOOOOO!!!! Yes. Those earrings totally do the same thing as the puddle... It took a while for my eyes to get adjusted.. I love this...When you post like this, although I love the other, and I have already said this so it is like weird Dejavu! But, I feel like these posts are like simple yet deep pieces of art. There they are, one swift stroke....And all of this meaning pours out!!!xxo, Vanessa

erin said...

I have got to start walking around with my camera. that puddle photo is amazing and the earrings are the photo.

this is my favorite so far (i know i have said that a bunch of times, but you just keep impressing me!)

Kristine said...

Wow! What a striking photograph! The earrings are beautiful too!