Or Perhaps It's Time to Hibernate

I was able to come up with three legitimate reasons to start baking at 9:00 last night. What's my excuse now? In preparation for portobello mushrooms and sweet onion paninis that I hope to make for dinner tomorrow, I decided to start the no-knead dough process again tonight (it can take up to 20 hours for this dough to rise, in case you haven't checked out the recipe yet). This time, my third go at the recipe, I mixed some chopped black olives into the dough and used a 50/50 combination of white and wheat flour. Tomorrow's dinner can't come fast enough.
If the winter temperatures have got you in a hibernating mood, check out Julie's lovely post regarding winter (you'll like this one, Ma). Then head over to Erin's blog and get all warm inside as you celebrate the thrill that is her work being published!


julieree said...

Gotta try that bread recipe. I've been itching to bake something and no kneading definitely sounds about my speed.

and hey! It's supposed to get into the upper thirties this weekend! yippeeee! I even did my laundry in celebration. ;)

Chickenbells said...

Oh my...the bread sounds like it's going to be wonderful!

It's been in the middle to high 60's here all week...yes, nice to hike in, but the heat freaks me out.

Like my life hasn't been freaky enough lately!

Sonya said...

What a terrific photo, it wasn't until I read the post that I found out they were olives. I printed that recipe out, still need to make it. We have a rainy few days scheduled, good as any for baking weather.

erin said...

i really want to try that recipe...this weekend might be a good time.

thanks for the apron love!!!

Shona said...

I am getting MAJOR cabin fever! Good thing we are heading out of town this weekend.
As for TILT, it is a Flickr group (found through Kristin @ Moontea). I was so inspired by you + Kristyn, but did not want to do something as intense, once a week I can do.
As for Flickr- it can truly be like having a second blog, if you let it. I was hesitant, but decided that with my aging G4 iBook (it's only 2 years old, that's so sad!) + dragging my feet in getting a back-up HD or burning all my photos onto disks, I needed to do something right now.
Have a wonderful weekend! EAT WELL!

Connie said...

so the no-knead dough... it works? i'm skeptical. i can bake anything, but i suck at bread.... so this has to be an idiot-proof recipe. can you post a picture of the result?

Ky said...

i have never been much of a bread person (can you imagine?!), but this sounds yummy!

KSV said...

Panini's YUM...MY! I have always wanted to make bread, maybe now is the time!