Missing and Found

Phew! Thirty days of Original Intent... complete. I'm feeling a bout of reflection coming on. Please bear with me.
Engaging in this little self-imposed project for the entire month of January caused me to miss out on blogging about a ton of non-jewelry related happenings that I would have written about otherwise (which I guess was the impetus for this project in the first place), but I'd feel remiss if I didn't mention a few of them here, such as:
- my big sister celebrated a pretty monumental birthday, and had I not been involved in the project, I would have gushed on and on about what an amazing friend and role model she has been to me, and how I don't think there's a better mother than her (besdies our own lovely mom) in the entire world
- my sister's oldest son celebrated a birthday, too; he received a gecko as a gift and named the lizard after his Aunt Suzy (that would be me - I love that kid)
- I was able to significantly increase the time, speed, and distance that I'm able to run (yea!)
- Barry and I ate well, perhaps a little too well, trying out lots of new recipes, including the no-knead bread from the New York Times (make it - now), ricotta/raspberry muffins from a Sweet Little Treat post, a stirfry in coconut sauce from Life Love Chocolate, and spring rolls from the Runaway Penguin
- we hosted the dessert portion of a progressive dinner party (in which participants start off at one host's home for drinks and appetizers, then walk to a second host's home for drinks and the main course, and end up at a third home for drinks and dessert - did you catch the common element?) during which we served lime coconut biscotti with sweet sparkling white wine, flourless chocoalte cake with whipped cream and port, and strawberries drenched in a balsamic vinegar, sugar, and black pepper concoction - oh, yeah, baby
- I found lots of new blogs that I am now addicted to, many of which are now links in my sidebar, with more to follow soon

The process that caused me to miss out on writing and photographing all of the above, however, also revealed to me a few things about myself and my craft, such as:
- I think I may be ready to move - soon
- walking through my neighborhood for the sake of photographing inspiring things made me notice so much more than I ever had before; I'm now trying to foster a new habit of seeing with a photographer's eye
- a lot of the stuff that inspires me is pretty junky, old, dirty, worn-down, even ugly; I'm not quite sure what that says about me...
-I'm semi-obsessed with the sky, as seen in several inspirational photos that didn't make the thirty day cut:

-I'm big on blue, and I can't get enough of red and black combinations
-But most of all, I can't get enough of you guys, the visitors to my blog. I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words that kept me going throughout the project. I had no idea when I started keeping a blog this summer what an fabulous community of crafty people I'd "meet." I'm so flattered that you took the time to post encouraging notes to me, and I'm far more inspired by your work and words than any photo I could hope to take. So, if you'll humor me, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who posted your sweet comments, even if it does seem a bit award show-ish. My sincere gratitude goes out to:
Mom and Dad, Abby from While She Naps, Andrea from Fly Girls, Baraka from Truth and Beauty, Belinda from Tutti Fruiti, Chickenbells from Foolsewoode, Cinderella from Cinderella's Revenge, Colette from Knit Witch, Connie form Life love Chocolate, Cynic the Lamb from Knotty Bits, Erin from House on Hill Road, Gloria from Vers l'Absurde, Gwen, Helen from Golden Apples, Holly, Jessica from Funky Finds, Julie from Julie Ree, Kat from Taylor Made Designs, Kathy from While Tangerine Dreams, Kristine from Notes from the Laundromat, Kristyn from the former Goodness, Lesley from Painter's Blog, Leya from Curious Bird, Love Squalor from Full Instrumental, Mary from How Does Your Garden Grow?, Maditi from Micasa, Mary Beth from Junk Drawer, Meg, Melissa from Foxyness, Miss Twiss from Miss Twiss, Momo from The Momo Montage, Rachel from the Runaway Penguin, Robyn from ...That Silly Girl, Shona from LaLa Dex Press, Sonya from Knit Sonya, the ladies of Sweet Little Treat, Traci from Little Messes, Trenchant Maiden from Girl in the World, and Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist. Due my forced switch from the old to the new blogger in the midst of the project, many of the comments that readers posted during the first several weeks of Original Intent are now attributed to "anonymous," even though you may have originally posted your name with your note. So to those of you who commented but whose names are not noted above, my thanks go out to you, too.
More to come (more ideas, fewer words) tomorrow. Thanks again, blog friends.


Robyn said...

I love the photo of the basketball hoop! It reminds me of Hoop Dreams, the movie, and the idea of dreams, accomplished or unfulfilled.
Anyways, that progressive dinner party sounded like lots of fun and a great idea. And congrats on improving your running. From a person who is happy to run a 10 minute mile, I tip my hat to you. :0)
I have the no-knead bread on my to try list, and maybe also the ricotta//raspberry muffins.
And, finally, your Original Intent series got me thinking about what it is that inspires me, what my style is and why. I'm still figuring this one out, but at least I'm thinking about it.
And thank you, too, for all your words of encouragement.

Mary said...

Aw...I love you! hehehe

Thanks so much for your sweet words and amazing blog that I always read...it's in my sidebar favorite list!

Hope you have a fabulous week!

Chickenbells said...

Well, I loved the original intent, but it is lovley to get you back again! Progressive dinners are such fun, and I am super excited about looking at all the new links!!

maditi said...

congratulations on the accomplished project:)
all your pairings are unique and so beautiful!!!

Lesley said...

Congrats on finishing your project. It was inspiring and original from start to finish. I really enjoyed your posts. Congrats on improving your running too. You're one of my role models!!

erin said...

i am so happy to "hear" you "talk" again! your original intent project was very inspiring for me. if it weren't so dang cold out, i think i would be walking around with my camera a bit more, just looking at the everyday things that surround me. and a big thanks to you for all the encouragement you give me. it helps more than you could know!

julieree said...

yay!! Much as I loved your project, it is nice to hear you chatting again! :)

ok now I've got some recipes to try out and some new blogs to explore!

congrats on the completed project. you know, you should make a little book of that project--what a fantastic display piece it would be for your jewelry!

Mary Beth said...

Wow....I feel like a gust of wind just came out of my laptop. It's so lovely to here your "voice" over this way.

I truly loved your original intent project. How very inspiring. It seems like you and I both live in gritty/ visual places. Love that.

Great job Susan!

kat said...

Congrats finishing your project! Well done + inspiring from day 1 to day 30.

Love the idea of the progressive dinner. I just might need to implement that idea in my neighborhood!

Good for you on your running. That's awesome.

traci said...

it's been such a great project. inspiring in so many ways, it's just so good to step out and take a different look at one's surroundings. i'm happy to have been able to look on as you made your way these last 30 days and even happier to see what's next.

Sonya said...

Well, you're welcome. Though such a small part I played. Thank you for sharing your project. I'm familiar with self-imposed structures, exercises, and forms in writing, but it was a pleasure to see it translated into another creative sphere. You have been one busy lady this past 30 days!

cynic the lamb said...

Congrats on keeping the project going for 30 days! Your blog is so inspiring, and this latest venture of yours was especially so.
By the way:
"- a lot of the stuff that inspires me is pretty junky, old, dirty, worn-down, even ugly; I'm not quite sure what that says about me..."
I think it says that you are able to see the beauty in things that most people dismiss as garbage and fail to appreciate if even purely for aesthetics. It's been pretty cool seeing your eye for photography develop. I can see how you have become a better photographer and how you continue to grow and mature as such each day. Thanks for sharing your vision with us. You are such an inspiration.

Melissa said...

I've been showing everyone I know your gorgeous photos for the last few weeks. I hope you'll keep up the inspiration as well as bringing back more food, friends, and fun posts!

can't wait to get my camera back from my no good brother in law so i can do some posting, too.

Funky Finds said...

you're so sweet! and i love the gecko tidbit - too cute!

leya said...

wow! I love this post -- it's so lovely to hear what your world has looked like and tasted like during your month away (well, not away, but you know). Thanks for catching us up.
stay warm, friend.
xox, leya

abbyjane said...

I feel so proud of you! I thought this project was awesome, and certainly a great feat of self-discipline! I'm loving the earrings I bought. Thank you!

Connie said...

I've been so tied up that I missed your last day of your Original Intent Project. Congrats on being done, seeing the inspiration behind your work was inspirational in of itself. i love how you posted what you've learned from this all too. it was like 'finding yourself'

but i am glad its done too because i do enjoy reading all the things you post - food, life, other crafty things. im glad you ate well and i look forward to reading all your future posts now... be they jewelry -related or other