Just Do It

Pairs of earrings are currently strewn all over our coffee table... which is a good thing. I was able to make around thirty pairs this weekend, several of which are destined for local shops, and a few of which I've posted in the sulu-design etsy shop:

these can be found here

these are here

and these, here

It felt so good to be productive this weekend, and am looking forward to my next chance to sit for hours on end and play with bead combinations. I hope your weekends were satisfying, too. Barry, I think, is the most satisfied of all - he ran his first half-marathon today, and finished with an awesome time. Yea, Barry!


Vanessa said...

Did you know that the huge Tucson Gem show just ended? You would freak out there. You would be on stone overload high and freak out mode!!! Have you ever been to the gem show??? You should come next time. What lovelies for sure!!!

Chickenbells said...

Ack...the blue icy looking ones? Really lovely! And 30 pairs? Makes me feel like I've not had a productive weekend...and V's right, you should run down to Tucson for the Gem Show...it's over the top fun!

Lesley said...

Love the new earrings and well done to Barry for his massive achievement!!! Hurray!!

erin said...

Congrats to Barry! That is quite and accomplishment!

The earrings are beautiful. I am especially fond of the blue ones.

Shona said...

Congratulations to Barry! I did it once, + ONLY once. My boy is going to run his 1st 5K in a couple weeks + is so exited.
Thank you for your super kind comment about missing my posts. Between feeling overwhelmed + being really frickin' cold I have slacked off. But you just wait until tonight...cuteness overload from St. Louis!
Glad you had a great weekend too.

maris said...

I am going to buy the blue ones right this second. They are so lovely! And perfect for the winter blues as you suggested.

Mom said...

Suzy, we are going to have to get hooked up at home! I couldn't wait to get back to work so I could read a week's worth of your writings!

Loved the lavendar in Julie's blog, you know lavendar is one of my favorites.

How nice for Erin to have her beautiful work in a publication.

In one of your pictures of the beads, the red ones looked almost edible, liked grilled red peppers, they will be stunning!

Also thank you again for the books - read Charlotte's Web as I told you on Wednesday (do you think spiders are really born like that - on silvery threads of a web, it made such a beautiful picture in my mind) and then of course the line "And she died alone" still brings tears to my eyes. On Thursday read the other two books, also great selections and will not see the movie On the Road to Terabithia because from the previews on TV it does not look like it could do justice to the written word.

Congratulations to Barry and Happy Birthday too!

And now one last comment - hope to make the bread soon - how did you feel it turned out with using half wheat flour as that is what I would like to do.

Actually one more comment! Congratulations on a month of incredible photography, musings, and gorgeous jewelry. You are truly an inspiration. Love, Mom

cynic the lamb said...

The earrings look great! And congrats to Barry!

tyramade said...

Hi sulu,

This is tyramade from etsy, the fellow NYC teacher? I have to say you are my beading idol! Your work ethic is incredible and everything is always so lovely. I hope you don't mind, but I'm using you as an example for how I want my business to be. Very simple, yet stylish, distinctive designs. You're my hero!

Sweet Treat said...

Now that sounds like the perfect weekend.... and I just caught up on all your baking!!!! NO KNEAd bread!!!!!! Got give this a go!

Robyn said...

Isn't it nice to be productive?! Those are beautiful. And congratulations to Barry. It is always nice to push yourself further.
Oh, and I read your mom's comments and she sounds just like the most amazing mom!

Melissa said...

oooh, pretty, pretty!

and congrats to barry!

Patty said...

the second pair of earrings is ab fab!

traci said...

my you've been busy. these are so lovely! i've been off the web for so long and then there you are with a wealth of inspiration. cheerio lady!