I Wish This Was My Day Job

As promised yesterday, I've updated the sulu-design etsy shop with several pieces that are similar to styles that I've posted in the past. My blue obsession is apparent in many of them. These and a few others can be found:

and here.

I was also able to get over to Loveday 31 in Astoria today, where twenty new sulu-design earrings are on display (including some funky plexiglass pieces that I designed especially for the shop), and to the post office, where I shipped off forty pairs of earrings to JetSet Boutique in Richmond, Virginia. Phew... if only non-vacation days could be so productive!


abbyjane said...

Wow! Okay I'm inspired to get back to my desk now.

erin said...

and you think i am productive! i am amazed you can make that many earrings in one go.

Gloria said...

Yeah, I love the blue earrings!!! Maybe I need some, hmm.

Connie said...

you are on such a roll! i'm so glad that your little business is not so little anymore!