Don't You Dare Say It's Just Bread

I'm sure that those of you, my dear blog friends, who have not yet tried the New York Times no-knead bread recipe are having trouble believing that it is as earth-shattering as my recent posts suggest. In fact, Connie over at Life Love Chocolate is so dubious that she asked me to post photos of the wonder loaf in question. It's no lie - this bread has changed my life! I have officially crossed the line into the world of bread-bakers (where I'd never tread before) thanks to three simple ingredients: flour, salt, and yeast, that did all of the work for me. On this, my third go at it, I did add black olives, but honestly, the original recipe without the bells and whistles has been the best. Here it is, Connie, it all of its homemade glory:

here, after rising for approximately 18 hours,
the dough is about to go into the oven

in prepartation for panini-making,
I sauteed a few vegetables

by the time the bread and veggies were ready,
I decided that there was no time to deal with the panini press
(maybe next time)

Okay, enough with all of this food! I hope my final attempt was enough to convince those of you who haven't yet converted to the no-knead way of baking bread to try it soon. I'm actually going to take a break from singing its praises so I can post about some jewelry in the next couple of days. Have a fabulous weekend, all!


erin said...

ok, ok, i am going to try. without olives though!

kat said...

I might need to try this myself!

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Baking bread is so fulfilling!!! Isn't it? And, not everyone has success with yeast at all. My mom and I will bake a bread at the same time and do the same things. My bread rises, hers does not!! So Bravo to you!!

Chickenbells said...

hmmmm...I think it's about time I try that myself!!

Gloria said...

I keep meaning to post on the no-knead bread, because I've made it several times. I have to say, though, that even though it's ridiculously easy (which is always a plus), in the end, I'm not that impressed with it. Maybe it's because I've made bread in the past (that does require kneading) which turns out well. Also, I found that the no-knead bread doesn't store well, and my waistline really can't afford my eating an entire loaf of bread at a time.

However, I am all for recipes that get people cooking!