Rash + Day Two = Happy Homemaker

The rash is getting worse, not better, so I had to stay home from work today, too. Being forced to stay within a minute's reach of an oatmeal bath, I found myself pleasantly tied to our apartment. I cleaned out closets, reorganized drawers, filled bags to donate... and had a grand time doing so. I was thrilled to see so many cleared surfaces around the apartment that I just had to document some of them:

the bookshelf next to my side of the bed,
which is usually piled with bead receipts;

the bed itself (it's made!);

the desktop,
which is frequently cluttered with bills and mail;

and this poor little chair,
which usually can't breathe with all of our
running and biking clothes hanging from it.

The homemaking didn't stop with cleaning. I finally got around to displaying the button wreath that I was inspired to make after reading two gorgeous posts on little birds handmade (Stephanie of little birds handmade was inspired herself by the wreath posted on the Pixiegenne blog):

And I hung two paint-by-number pieces that I picked up years ago and had forgotten about (finding stuff like that is the bonus of serious cleaning):

Last but not least, I spent a little time in the kitchen whipping up an appetizer for my knitting groups's holiday party. I was going to make the beautiful looking tartlettes that Connie posted about a few days ago, but the tapas that we tried yesterday inspired me to make almond-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon instead. Yum!

For those of you who asked, there is no real recipe. Just slice dried, pitted dates in half (a ten ounce container was more than enough to make three dozen appetizers and have several dates to snack on in the process). Stuff each half with an almond. Wrap a half of a slice of bacon around the stuffed date. Secure with a toothpick. Roll in brown sugar. Stand the toothpicks up in the slots of a broiler pan and bake at 450 degrees in the oven (not the broiler) for approximately 15 minutes, checking to make sure the bacon doesn't burn. Serve hot.

While I'm really dying for this rash to clear up, I have to admit that I'm loving its side-effects!


Anonymous said...

Aw I hope you feel better...I am so amazed with that shabby table/cabinet next to the "breathing chair"...it is just a wonderful piece!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh replace the almond in those dates with CHEESE (goat, or parmesan [if the latter, you must eat them while warm otherwise the parmesan firms up again]), and YUM!

I used to make my bed daily. Not so much anymore. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

wow - your place is looking pristine! not so much here :) hope the itchies are gone soon!

Anonymous said...

When I am done with a REALLY GOOD CLEANING I love to just walk around and stare at everything.

Anonymous said...

look at your clean apartment! how wonderful! and dates with almonds sounds absolutely devine, much more conducive to snacking on than my tartelettes! and i've been dying to make a button wreath too.

i hope you feel better soon... as productive as you've been, itches suck!

Lesley Todd said...

It's the best feeling in the world when you tidy up your hotspots. Your place looks great. Must do mine! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Rachel said...

Getting little things accomplished is a good side effect, but I hope your mysterious rash clears up soon!

Anonymous said...

The apartment looks great!
Hope that pesky rash goes away soon. But then again, considering how pleasant your last two days have been and how much you have gotten done, maybe not then?
Love the button wreath.

Elisabet said...

Wow, wish my place could magically clean itself for christmas. The dates/almond/bacon things seem so good, I think I will make them for christmas. Happy Christmas by the way!

Anonymous said...

this is seriously the most productive sick day on record. i applaud you susan!! your place looks so great... and the funny thing is that we have the same little chair. hee hee! ours was thrifted from a little sale here in baltimore for a mere $5! keep up the good work lady and save me a cookie!

Anonymous said...

I love when I have some down time at work and I can see all that you up to! And seeing your beautiful apartment made me so happy.
Hope your skin is better soon.
Merry Christmas!