Lovely It Was... Lovely It Shall Be

a highly anticipated weekend did not disappoint

delicious brunch at Enid's with Traci and her husband, Jeff
later, same day, dinner with Julie and her brother in Astoria
*love blog friends*

craft fair after craft fair
chaotic (can't you tell), but exciting to see so many
successful independent designers
(links to my favorites soon to follow)

blistering cold - perfect for Christmas shopping
no so for this gorgeous pigeon

Barry's first 10K
cupcakes at the finish line

the smell of paperwhites from Judy,
a Christmastime tradition

and now...
wrapping of gifts, a bit of Christmas crafting,
and more sulu-design earrings to be made

Hope your week starts wonderfully. Already looking forward to next weekend...


Anonymous said...

congrats to Barry!

love the paperwhites...mine still haven't bloomed. soon.

Anonymous said...

nice shot of enids! i love all them there snowflakes. it was so great to see you again and to meet barry. congratulations to him!

Melissa said...

did you go to the bust craftastularwhatever? how was it? i thought about going since DB ended up with strep throat this weekend, but couldn't even deal with thinking about the crowds!

Anonymous said...

How fun...it has been an incredible weekend here too...staring off with me snapping up the last fish bracelet for myself for XMAS...yay!

Anonymous said...

dinner was wonderful--sorry it ended up being so late! congrats to barry--marathon next?

hope your week is starting off well!

Anonymous said...

Great photos- sounds like you really maximized your weekend.
My dog got a hold of a similar looking pigeon- yuck!
I forgot to buy paper whites this year, was reminded while reading Karen's Style Blog, went looking for them + it looks like I have completely missed out. Poop- but luckily they are part of the wonderful smells of the holidays my mother creates at my parent’s house.

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of paperwhites! Mad that I forgot to start them in time for the holidays.

And there were tons of craft fairs in LA this weekend also, all of which I wanted to go to yet none of which I actually attended, since I was regretfully hungover the entire weekend.

mia said...

cupcakes?? awesome! there's one race that passes out belgian waffles at the end. almost incentive enough to run the things.
cute tree!
we got ours this week, too. mmmm apartment smells yummy and piney!

Anonymous said...

ha! cause when i'm done running, i want a cupcake too!

cute tree